Faith - February 28, 2012


Warning: Random Ramblings from my stream of consciousness follow each typographic quote today….

“We become what we want to be by consistently being what we want to become each day.” Wow, Mr. Richard G. Scott nailed it. I love this quote and couldn’t agree more. You have to start somewhere and baby steps are usually the best place. And with a devoted heart and a determined mind, you will slowly but surely develop the skill or habit to which you aspire . But persistence and tenacity are key – and like this quote above emphasizes, it’s all about consistency. Focusing on the big picture can be hard at times, but we have to remind ourselves every now and then to take a step back – it helps to overcome discouraging set backs and keep our eye on the prize.

Time has a wonderful way of showing up what really matters

Love this quote – “Time has a way of showing us what REALLY matters.” Yes, it most certainly does. Doesn’t it? I’ve only been around for a little over 22 years, so I don’t have much to say about time but I will say that, relatively speaking, time most certainly helps unveil what is important.

From both my transitioning from high school to college and collage to, well, NOT-college, I have learned a great deal about life, love, friends, faith and much more. One of the main things I’ve learned is that when you’re young (still following the paved path of schooling + summer camps + family time + etc.), life can be pretty convenient.  And as you grow up, and time passes, you have to really make an effort to maintain relationships, cultivate habits and skills, and practice a healthy balanced life. I’ve only been out of college a few months, but I feel that I’ve already learned SO much….some things that I used to think were SO important, just aren’t that important anymore.

Oh how I LOVE simple love quotes like this one! Because at the end of the day, it really is pretty simple. Don’t you think? Thank you Winnie :)

 + Give thanks to the Lord +

For me, giving thanks is a continuing and constant effort. I have to remind myself in every way that I can to give thanks to God for all the joy and blessings He has provided for me.  It definitely doesn’t come easy though. I always appreciate being around people who draw my attention to the
greatness of God – like people who say the blessing before a meal…

even miracles take a little time
via BrightonTheDay
time soothes all sorrows

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Can’t wait for my midterm to be over with – wish me luck! :) It’s from 7-10 tonight.

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