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TV Shows Duncan and I Both Love

brighton and Duncan netflix shows

When it comes to TV shows, I’ll admit I’m pretty finicky. Probably not surprising to anybody that’s been hanging around BTD for awhile but I just can’t get there on the iconic comedy shows. Shows like Parks & Rec, The Office, etc. – just can’t get there.

Needless to say, it’s been very trying on Duncan who adores the comedic characters of Jerry Seinfield, Liz Lemon, Ron Swonson etc. You’re probably thinking I’m a downer (which I undoubtedly can be but not related here, I think lol). I’m sure everyone knows their version of this person – but hand up, I know it’s me. Might as well just embrace it!

Quick caveat, I did love Mrs. Maisel (the outfits!), and Duncan thinks it’s so smart and funny. We’ll hit Mrs. Maisel with Duncan’s favorite shows next week. As I started typing up this post it started getting really long. So I thought it would be fun to separate our favorite TV Shows into a series of three blog posts: the first being the shows we both we loved, then sharing the shows I loved and Duncan watched, and lastly the shows Duncan loved and I watched.

As such, today’s post is all about the shows we both really, really loved. I could have included a few other shows here, but I wanted to be super curated with this list because I find it very overwhelming when people recommend a ton of things to watch – like, I just want someone to TELL ME, you know? I don’t want to select from a list of your favorite 25 shows – that’s too overwhelming.

Let’s get into it! Here are 6 TV Shows that Duncan and I both enjoyed watching together.


Have you seen this one yet? This was the first show Duncan and I both watched together all the way through and we both LOVED it! We got really connected to the characters and really into all the different cases they were working on.

I absolutely love legal shows/movies (Few Good Men! Pelican Brief!) and Suits hits on every cylinder for me. Business, law suits, ROMANCE, character development. This is an easy one to get sucked into for days at a time. Also, with our royal princess back stateside…no time like the present to support Megan!

Score: 4.5/5 for couples to enjoy together

Watch via: Showtime via Hulu or Prime Video


Duncan picked this one out and although I wasn’t really into it at first, I soon got sucked in! This is a gritty show of cowboys, family wealth & succession, and lots of riveting intrigue.

It has some very dark moments (as well as adult/graphic) but the show’s plot and character arcs are thoughtful and well-paced. I wish we could watch this again for the first time. Can’t wait for a new season! Also, fyi we watch it on Amazon Prime (bought it). I bet Duncan would put this at the top of his list for couples to watch.

Score: 5/5 for couples to enjoy together. We really are fans.

Watch via: Amazon Prime


If you’re reading this post and you haven’t watched Homeland, then you’ve got your next show! It’s one of the best shows I’ve ever seen – season one will have you glued to your TV! But the following seasons are all good too – we’ve watched almost all of them and loved!

That said, I know so many people (myself included) gave up or lost interest after Season 3 or Season 4 – totally fair, but I am so glad that we went back to it and stuck with it. The later seasons are definitely thrilling. I know Duncan would want me to mention this too – Carrie Mathesson’s facial expressions are…not his favorite lol. And yet, we still loved it!

PS: There’s some adult content in the show but just be ready to fast forward if you need to (we did!). But I feel like that’s to be expected with Showtime shows.

Score: 4.5/5 for couples to enjoy together

Watch via: Showtime via Hulu or Prime Video

The Morning Show

We watched this when it first came out and Duncan and I both totally loved it. Have you seen it? I mean, I love ANYTHING with Reece Witherspoon – she’s one of my absolute favorite actresses!

It’s “a lot” but incredibly relevant with all the horrible reveals from well known news outlets last year. That said, the casting and writing is sensational, and it absolutely led Duncan and I to have deep, real conversations about women’s experiences in the workplace etc. He’s from a family with lots of sisters so he gets really into it.

PS: There’s some adult content in the show but just be ready to fast forward if you need to (we did!)

Score: 4.75/5 for couple to enjoy together

Watch via: Apple TV

Gossip Girl

Ok, pretty sure this got me through wedding planning and moving last year.. Somehow, I convinced Duncan to watch this again with me starting last year – we just finished it a few months ago. I think he was surprised that he actually got into it and soon enough we were both sucked in.

We finished the entire series and loved every minute of it. We now often put this on as a background show while cooking or doing other things! I’m such a sucker for Blair Waldorf – LOVE her. Also, Duncan came to love her. Which was so cute in its own way.

Score: 4.0/5 for couples to enjoy together; very entertaining and will draw you in (may not necessarily make you “think” but good to say the least).

Watch via: Netflix

Friday Night Lights

Duncan has loved this show since forever and for so many reasons. We’ve watched it as a couple all the way through once and then often times watch it in the background too. We love the football and family theme and really love Coach Taylor and Tami’s relationship. And I love how the characters develop as they get older and experience life. There’s so much I could say about this show – it’s such a good one!

Score: 4.75/5 for couples to watch together

Watch via: Hulu or Amazon Prime


Let’s chat! Which of these shows have you seen?

Which is your favorite? I’d love to hear some of your favorite shows in the comments below!

Okay that’s all I’ve got for you today! But stay tuned for a list of TV Shows that Duncan loves and then the ones that I love. Like I said, I’m kind of weird about TV shows and very particular about which ones keep my attention.

Some of the shows I’ve really enjoyed (like Designated Survivor – LOVED), Duncan thought were kinda weird or silly. And then there are some that he LOVES (Succession or Sopranos), but that I just can’t really get into. I still think these are worth sharing though because everyone has different tastes – so if you hear why we liked one, you might find a good show for yourself!

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