Amazon - December 6, 2022

November Amazon Best Sellers

As I was pulling the Amazon best sellers for November, I was amazed at how many of these items have been best sellers in other months. Y’all, this round brush has made the best seller list in August, September, October, and November. IT’S THAT GOOD! You can see how I use it in this blog post.

This cordless vacuum made the list for the second month in a row along with the best anti-slip rug stickers around. I love that y’all are as practical as me. Honestly, 99% of the stuff I order from Amazon would probably be considered “boring,” but it’s some of the items I use more than anything.

I was happy to see that my fav mascara and lip mask made the list as well. They’re some of the everyday items I couldn’t live without right now. And we can’t forget about the no-show socks (these were legit my best-selling item one month, I’m not even kidding). You have to try them out if you’re team no-show!

Alright, I’ll let you check out the rest of the top sellers from November below. Enjoy!

Product Details: Lip Mask // Mascara // Stocking Hangers // Postpartum Underwear // Round Brush // Behind the Door Craft Storage // Anti-Slip Rug Stickers // Face Shavers // Cordless Vacuum // No-Show Socks