Style - October 20, 2022

My Go-To Postpartum Outfit

Brighton Butler Postpartum outfit barefoot dreams

Nobody talks about the 4th trimester when you’re pregnant, but it’s the 12-week period right after you have your baby. It’s basically when you’re going through the thick of the newborn phase (sleepless nights, nonstop feeding, crazy hormones, etc.) and still recovering from giving birth.

Honestly, I wish I knew better how to prepare myself for this phase when I had Four because I definitely tried to jump back full-swing into things and it really wore me down. This time around, I’m way better prepared both mentally and physically.

I’m actually letting myself (okay, forcing myself to) rest and accepting help from other people. This wasn’t something I really did after having Four and it made things really tough. With Blake, I’m all about giving myself grace.

I’m also making sure I’m COMFORTABLE and not pushing myself to fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes. Let’s be honest, there are few things that seem as awful as making myself wear jeans right now. Instead, I’m opting for pieces like these high-wasted leggings and this Barefoot Dreams wrap (it literally feels like you’re wrapped in a blanket 24/7). Barefoot Dreams has been a rock this PP. I have also have this Barefoot Dreams Cardigan, and matching set (pullover, pants)

Since I’m nursing, I’m also not about to wear anything that makes that more difficult (it’s hard enough as it is!). Oversized t-shirts like this one from Nordstrom are my jam right now. I basically don’t change out of it.

Oh, and let’s not forget these sherpa Birkenstocks. These may be the most comfortable shoes I can wear around the house AND actually wear to run errands if I need. Highly recommend whether you’re postpartum or just looking for a comfy shoe for the winter. If full sherpa isn’t your thing, I also bought these shearling lined Birkenstocks!

You can find everything from my favorite postpartum outfit at Nordstrom, and I’ve linked it all below for you, along with sizing!


Outfit Details: Barefoot Dreams Wrap (one size) // T-Shirt (wearing XS) // Leggings (wearing size S) // Sherpa Birkenstocks