Amazon - February 2, 2023

January Amazon Best Sellers

We’re kicking off 2023 with a new list of Amazon best sellers… and a few favorites you guys have loved for a while. I shared these headbands recently on Instagram and y’all went crazy for them. I’ve got to admit that the quality is so nice, especially considering they’re $15 for a pack of 6!

These bags have also been a huge hit. I’ve been using them to store out-of-season clothes and baby stuff that we no longer need but I want to save. They’re SUPER spacious and I love that they’ve got handles that make them easy to carry.

Of course, my favorite round brush and the famous no-spill sippy cups Four uses are on the list. Both of these continue to be best sellers every month and for good reason. I use both every day and would buy them again if I lost either — they’re that great.

Anyway, I digress. I’ll stop talking so you can check out the rest of the top sellers from January below. Happy shopping!

Product Details: Round Brush // Fridge Organization Book // Express Tan // Headbands // Wet/Dry Vacuum // Bath Toy // Spill Proof Sippy Cup // Bissell Vacuum // Storage Bags // Butterfly Claw Clips