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7+ Ways to Wear a Military Jacket

ways to wear a utility jacket, how to wear a military jacket

This is a post I’ve actually been meaning to write for years (what’s new?) because my love for the military jacket runs deeps. It’s one of my most-worn items by far, and I’ve gone through quite a few of them over the years. They’re a closet staple and they aren’t going anywhere – hence why I wanted to share this post with y’all! When styling the jacket, think of it in the same way you would a denim jacket – or similar at least. It can be even more transitional though since it’s not denim or overly casual. It can literally be added to any outfit (well pretty much any outfit) and work. I’ll even prove it below.

Oh! And just a reminder that you can see all of these outfits in The Outfit Guide on the site. You can literally take any season, any item, etc., and see how I’ve styled it over the years! I feel like that feature gets lost so just a reminder.

tunic sweater with leggings and brown booties paired with green utility jacket and buffalo check scarf

OK, now on to the ways to wear the military jacket…

5 Ways To Style a Utility Jacket

how to wear leggings - casual outdoors outfit, hiking outfit with leggings, plaid, utility jacket, ankle booties

How to Wear a Military Jacket: Layered

This is one of my favorite ways to wear a utility jacket. Though most are pretty thin, they are the ideal jacket for layering over thicker materials. We all know that winter coats get old by like…December, so this is always a happy medium for me. Because of the thinner material of the military jacket, it’s fair game for layering sweaters, flannels, chambray, etc underneath. I usually like to have one utility jacket with a hood, because that’s the one I grab for colder days and layering. Or you can also put something (like a hoodie) underneath a jacket without a hood as another layering aspect.

black jumpsuit paired with olive green utility jacket military jacket outfit

How to Wear a Military Jacket: At work

Unless you work in a really conservative industry or office, the military jacket can definitely work for work. Take this look for example – over a work-appropriate jumpsuit. (I actually wore this look for travel but I feel like if you’ve got a casual environment, it would work for that?) A blazer or more formal coat would have worked too, but if you’re looking to switch things up or dress down an office look, the utility jacket is perfect! It’d also be cute over trousers and a tucked in top for added dimension and texture. It’s basically a neutral but can add something to any outfit.

How to Wear a Military Jacket: Dressed down with sneakers

Y’all know I’m all about that casual life most days, especially on the weekends, and I turn to the military look often when wearing something like this. Instead of throwing on a hoodie or something casual/sporty, the military jacket makes the outfit more interesting. It’s almost like turning a look from super sporty to athleisure. I actually wore it like this earlier this week but I didn’t happen to get a photo of it (shoot!). But I’m sure I’ll wear it this way again soon, and I’ll add the outfit photo then. But I’m sharing a photo of my friend Jean because she looks adorable and is rocking the dressed-down utility jacket look VERY well here!

miltiary jacket outfit with denim skirt, striped tank, and booties
black dress + utility jacket + riding boots

How to Wear a Military Jacket: With skirts & dresses

The beauty of the military jacket is just how transitional it is. Just as easy as you can use it for winter or bundling up, you can do the same for transitional months like September and October! It’s super lightweight (which we know), so it’s basically the same as throwing on a light cardigan or sweater. I grab mine over and over in transnational months especially for the mornings and evenings. Then, it’s equally as cute tied around the waist to add something to the outfit or when it gets warmer. Adds a little effortless vibe to whatever you’re wearing.

military jacket layered over black and white stripes and chambray shirt

How to Wear a Military Jacket: With black & white stripes

I think this is probably the *most popular* way people wear utility jackets these days. Once the temperature starts dropped in early Fall, I can’t go anywhere without seeing someone wearing their olive green jacket with black and white stripes. But that’s because it’s just such a good, go-to look. The colors look SO great together. I love pairing mine with all kinds of black and white stripes – whether the anchor color is black or white, it all pairs well with olive green. And as I’m sure you can see in many of these outfits, I love throwing in chambray too when I can. I love all these colors together SO much!

fall outfit, utility jacket, cognac wedges, rolled up jeans, tory burch york tote, long gold pendant necklace, april outfit, september outfit

fall outfit, olive green military jacket, cable knit sweater with gingham shirt underneath, layered sweater and gingham button up shirt, rolled up jeans and booties, jeans and booties, utility jacket outfit, cognac ankle booties, monogram necklace, chloe ran bag, cute fall casual outfit

How to Wear a Military Jacket: With solid, neutral colors

As I’m sure you can see from all these outfits, you really can’t go wrong when it comes to pairing a utility jacket with neutral colors. I think it looks especially great with a soft grey!

I also love olive green paired with a cream or off-white color too – like in the outfit from the pumpkin patch! And then if you add cognac/brown leather accents, it really ties all the colors together nicely!

The look with the grey sweater (above) is by far one of my most popular outfits, which is funny to be me because it’s just SO simple and we took this photo in SUCH a rush too. It’s funny how that happens – it’s always the content I think the LEAST about that people LOVE the most! It never ceases to surprise me!

What’s your favorite way to style a military jacket?


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