How To Wear - September 28, 2021

How To Style White Booties

Hi Friends! Let’s talk booties. Specifically, white booties. I’m currently working on re-vamping my overarching booties guide, so stay tuned for that, but today, I thought white booties should have their own moment. I purchased my first pair of white booties over five years ago and have been styling them ever since. It’s a neutral shoe that goes with basically anything in my closet. But, at the same time, it stands out and adds a pop of fun to any outfit. I love wearing them with jeans, dresses, and even dress pants. My absolute FAVORITE way to wear them is in an all-white winter look.

White booties were definitely an “it” thing back in 2019. Everyone was wearing them. It was the shoe that everyone was buying and that was constantly sold out in any store. I loved the trend and was happy they had their time. However, unlike most trends, white booties have remained a vital part of my closet. I wear them throughout the year and don’t plan on getting rid of them any time soon.

Over the past few years, I’ve picked up some tips on how best to style them and what to look for when purchasing a pair. And now that it’s officially fall, I thought I’d share my best tips and tricks that you can use over the next few months when styling your own white booties.

Best Time Of Year To Wear White Booties

I’ve worn my white booties in every season – with shorts and dresses in the warmer months and with pants in the colder months. However, I get the most use out of my booties in the fall, winter and early spring months. While they can be worn in the summer, I tend to grab an open-toed shoe over a bootie in those months. By August, I’m so excited to pull them out again and get another season’s use out of them.

brighton Butler fur jacket black dress black hat cream booties

Which Shade Of White Should I Choose?

My first pair of white booties were a stark, cool white. I still wear and love that pair. However, a few years ago I purchased these ivory booties. They tend to be a little warmer and work with more outfits. While each shade can have its own moment and I still wear both pairs frequently, I would suggest purchasing a warmer tone of white (like ivory) if you only want to purchase one pair of booties. I like that the ivory booties blend in with any outfit. The cool, white booties tend to stand out more. I usually have to style an outfit around the stark white booties, while the ivory booties tend to easily complete an outfit I’ve already put together.

Brighton Butler in blue sweater, white belt, black jeans and white booties

Suede or Leather?

I’ve only purchased white leather booties. Leather tends to hold up better and doesn’t stain as easily as suede. If you absolutely want a white suede bootie, I suggest using Scotchguard to avoid permanent stains.

I’m sure you’re asking yourself if the white leather booties get dirty or stain. And the answer is yes, of course they can, BUT, if you treat them well, they should last you for years to come. Over the past five years I’ve had to remove a few scuffs here and there (use a cloth and rub out the scuff) but they are about as easy to maintain as any of my other leather booties. If you do end up getting a pesky stain on your booties, I’ve also been told leather conditioner is a great tool for getting out tough stains.

Brighton Butler wearing a black sweater dress, white belt, brown jacket and white booties

Styling Tips

I have three main guidelines so to speak when wearing white booties. First, I prefer for the heel, shaft and boot to be the same material and color. There are plenty of white bootie options with a wood block heel, which is still cute, but wood block heels or different color heels tend to be more casual. The all-white bootie has a more elegant look and can be dressed up or down.

Secondly, I recommend finding a pair of booties with pointed toes. I know that rounded toe booties and square toe booties are coming back into style, but, the pointed toe is a staple that will be in style for years to come. Plus, the pointed toe creates a more elongated look, which is flattering on just about everyone.

Coordinate Your Sweater and booties winter outfit

Lastly, while a white bootie goes with so many different outfits, I tend to wear them with either a light wash jean or a clothing item with white in it. I like when the bootie pulls out the white in the outfit I’m wearing. It pulls the entire look together. For a more dramatic look, I occasionally will pair a white bootie with an all-black outfit.

winter outfit, corduroy coat, black tee, white booties

Looking For The Perfect Bootie?

Below are a few pairs that I’ve considered purchasing this season. I own the older version of the Ulani pointed-toe bootie and wear them ALL THE TIME. The Ulani booties are the ivory booties I mentioned above. They are more ivory than true white and I tend to wear them the most. If you’re looking for a pair under $100, then these will do the trick. All of the below look like great additions to any closet.

A Few of My Favorite White Bootie Looks

Below are a few of my favorite white bootie looks from past years. Let me know which look is your favorite!

Brighton Butler in white fur jacket, grey sweater dress and white booties
Brighton Keller wearing striped sweater, light wash ripped jeans and white booties


rolled up and tucked in winter white jeans



Brighton Keller Nordstrom beauty under $50


Brighton Keller wearing floral toyshop dress and sam Edelman white booties
transitional fall outfit on brighton keller star print top with black jeans, white booties
jean shorts outfit with white booties and black oversized blazer
brighton butler wearing black target dress styled for fall