Style - May 7, 2018

How to Look Stylish on a Beach Day

Y’all have probably seen from social media that I’m in Florida on a much needed vacation (but more on that in a post coming up soon!), and I’m tagging along with my mama and some friends. And the one thing about traveling with my mama is that she ALWAYS brings her fashion A-game. She’s kinda one of those people who doesn’t have to try and just looks freaking cute at all times. Even when we go to the beach.

I like to think I have a lot of her fashion sense, and she’s probably the main reason I love style so much today slash am a fashion blogger. Which I’ve gotta thank her for! We are hot messes some of the time, but for the most part, my mama and I both like to look pulled together or at least effortless but cute ya know?

So, as I’m getting ready to head to the beach for a lazy day of relaxing (A-FREAKING-MEN!!), I wanted to pull together some tips I’ve been thinking about while on this trip. More specifically, how to look stylish even when heading to the beach (or pool, vacation, what have you). Hope these come in handy if you’re spending some time at the beach this summer!

Streamline your accessories

I already wrote about my love for straw the other day, and I’d vote that this is one of the most important parts of pulling yourself together. Even on vacation. Instead of just throwing on whatever sandals with whatever bag, be more intentional about it. Not saying you have to go matchy-matchy with every single accessory, but keep a couple of them consistent. I love a straw bag with a big straw hat for the beach. Use a straw tote to carry all the things and it’ll pull your outfit AND life together, ha!

Buy an actual coverup

OK duh, but for real, how many times have you gone to the beach/pool and just thrown on shorts and whatever tank? I’ve been there, but if I actually want to look stylish, I think more about it. I like to buy a couple coverups each season – whether a cute little dress or something like a tunic (ps this is SO pretty for any brides going on honeymoons, and so is this maxi while we’re at it!). Having actual outfits for the beach will make you look much more pulled together. Bonus points if that outfit can take you from the beach to drinks after or lunch, too – something I usually keep in mind because I’m always hungry after like an hour of laying out.

Manage your hair

If you’re someone who actually likes to have fun in the water or get your hair wet, bring a brush for knots and a detangler (this is the best) with you. I’ve forgotten this before and ended up with basically a rat’s nest and that ain’t cute. Once I’m out of the water, I’ll brush out my hair real quick and then put it in a loose braid or top knot to control things. You can also tie it up with a thin scarf if you want to look snazzy, which is sometimes fun!

Invest in a towel

I actually first thought on this while on a trip with a girlfriend a few years ago and it’s now always part of my beach game. I used to be the girl with a random neon towel or basically whatever towel I could get my hands on from a hotel. Which is fine, but if you want your whole vibe to look cuter, this is where a good towel comes in. I basically copied my girlfriend after seeing her with a really chic Turkish towel and now I bring it with me whenever I travel. It doubles as a park blanket or an actual towel and it just pulls things together. No more neon-towel under a cute swimsuit ha!

OK your turn! Hope that helped but lmk what else you do when wanting to look cute at the beach!

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