Home - March 24, 2016

5 Reasons I knew it was time to redecorate my room

brighton the day bedroom with blue and white bedding and gold sunburst over bed
ABOVE: blue and white bedding and lamps are from Homegoods and the sunburst is an old find on One Kings Lane

I’m so excited to FINALLY start sharing the adventures of redecorating my room that I’ve been slowly but surely trudging through over the past 3 or so months. There’s been A LOT of back and forth and I’m still not quite finished, but it’s been such a fun process nevertheless and I’m going to do my best to share all of it with you.

Before diving into the design process (which I plan to do through a series of posts over the next few months), I thought it would be interesting to tell you how I came to the decision to redecorate my room. Below you’ll read the 5 reason why I decided it was time to make a change. First I want to note that these are just what motivated me and are pretty personal to my story and experience. Some of you  might read this and think I’m crazy! But hey, I’m just being honest here :)

And then stay tuned for the next post which will cover how and where I decided once I committed to redecorating.

1. It was time to settle into Dallas

After living in my current house for a little over a 1.5  years, I decided it was time to give my bedroom a makeover. For the first time ever, I felt like I had some roots because I’d lived in one place for longer than a year – which was quite the accomplishment for me!

Let me give you a quick little background. Basically, I moved upwards of 11-ish times over the past 7 years, amounting to a move just about every 8 months or so. As such, you an see why I haven’t really been able to actually settle in anywhere until now.

You might be wondering, where on earth and WHY have you been moving so much? Let me explain :)

I went away for college  (UT-Austin) where I moved each school year AND summer for 4 years (yeah, it was insane!). I graduated early from college and moved home to Baton Rouge to focus and study/take the CPA Exam (it takes about 6 months) before starting my new job in New Orleans.

snapshot of brighton's new orleans bedroom
ABOVE: An ancient instagram post that shows a little peek into my NOLA abode.

Aside from college, New Orleans was my very first home away from home and I had no idea what I was doing. I think that Pinterest had just gotten super popular around this time so I was transfixed by the idea of having an all white bedroom. But unfortunately, the reality of an all white bedroom just didn’t look as cool or luxurious as it did in the Pinterest photos (ha!). Instead, it just kind of looked unfinished and a little random.

brighton the day coffee table
ABOVE: home decor details from my Houston Apartment living room
brighton the day mirror selfie houston apartment