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Home Decor: Light & Bright

If I could have any style home in the whole world, i’m pretty sure it would somehow resemble the light and bright feel of this home. I love the soft neutrals mixed with the bright whites, with a little touch of shabby chic (but not too much!). I love the lighter-toned floors and all the natural light. I might add a little bit more color, but the beauty of a natural palette means I can switch it up all the time!

images via slettvoll Furniture

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  • I LOVE this style of home decor. Soft neutral colours with some pops of colours here and there. So beautiful <3

  • doobee

    when did you sneak into my new house and take these photos?? ;)) :)) love you and i totally agree – i love this style/feel- so romantic and elegant

  • These images are gorgeous! I love a mostly-white home!

  • tara

    love it and i love peonies! in the process of redecorating my bedroom – i’m going to send you pics when done – m a j o r transformation!

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