Faith - March 30, 2018

Thoughts on Good Friday

Hello Easter Weekend

For a lot of us, the coming of Easter means all good things. Warmer weather, spring clothes, pastels, sunshine, bunnies, and egg hunts are the things that we think of most if we’re really being honest. And we know what Easter is really all about: Jesus. It’s the day that Jesus arose from the dead and redeemed us all from our sins. And YES, Easter is a really, really happy day.

What about Good Friday, though?

Not as much hype and fanfare. Many followers of Jesus don’t even take a moment to consider the gravity of Good Friday because of the cultural hype centers so heavily around Easter. I know I didn’t until recently – within the past few years to be honest.

But this year in particular, I am experiencing the Easter season in a very special – and more intentional – way. My church has been hosting services all week that focus on the death and resurrection of Christ. I’ve thought much more intentionally about Easter as it arrives than I have in the past.

For some reason, Good Friday has been especially on my mind this year. It’s the day that Jesus WILLINGLY died a brutal, awful death to save me from my sins. If you haven’t read the account of what Jesus went through that day in the Bible before, do it. Yes—it’s heavy—but to know that Jesus, who felt pain and sorrow just any other person, would CHOOSE to do that for ME is incomprehensible. It’s a perspective changer if there ever were one.

Easter Sunday Doesn’t Happen Without “Good” Friday

Jesus had to die in a really awful way, but consider this: on top of all the physical pain, he also endured the weight of the world’s sin on the cross. Yours, mine – everyone’s. Someone had to take the punishment, and Jesus didn’t hesitate to sign up for it. It’s the ONLY WAY He could save us.

Without Jesus’ death, we could never know Him. We could never have eternal life. Our salvation cost A LOT. And Jesus thought “they’re worth it”. And that is what’s so good about Good Friday.

The thing is, there is just so much more about Good Friday (and holy week) that you should know! Way more than I could ever tackle here on BTD. I really want to challenge to you deep dive into the gospels—Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John—during this year’s Easter week.

Let’s talk more about Good Friday and all that it means in the comments below!

P.S. A lot of linguists and historians agree that “good” was another word used for “holy” in Old English. Which is why it’s called “good” friday :)

Shop The (Totally Unrelated – ha!) Look:

I’m kind of laughing that I’m using these photos for this blog post since they have nothing to do with what I’m talking about. But to be honest, I tried to shoot my “good friday” blog post photos today and I just wasn’t loving anything I came up with. Everything felt too somber and serious. And the light was too intense when I was triyng to shoot anyway. So I hope you don’t mind that I’m using these photos instead. It’s a cute dress though, don’t you think?! lol.

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