Fall - September 27, 2018

The BTD Fall Bucket List with Koolaburra

oversized sweater black leggings outfit with uggs
koolaburra by ugg short chesnut boots pumpkin patch
oversized sweater black leggings outfit with uggs

Now that we’re officially in fall, you know I’m trying to get all the fall feels wherever I can – it’s such a season of feels right?? Y’all seem to love whenever I do the seasonal bucket lists and I always have fun putting them together, so to celebrate the kick-off of fall, here’s the latest! I tried to pick ideas that aren’t necessarily Dallas related since I know a lot of y’all live elsewhere. Be sure to speak up in the comments about ideas I didn’t hit!

Fall Bucket List

1. Visit a pumpkin patch – duh! I love going twice or even sometimes more! Once right away (because I can’t help it #alreadywent), and then closer to Halloween when the weather changes.

2. Go to a football game. I’ll be heading to a UT game as that always feels like fall to me!

3. Try a pumpkin beer

4. Go somewhere where the leaves change (like my trip to Vermont a couple years ago!). I’ve got a few trips planned this Fall that I’m looking forward to. As of now, I’ve got trips planned for DC, Charlotte, and Highlands, NC.

5. Bake a pie…or maybe I can help or entertain Katie (my roomie, the real baking MVP) bake a pie instead. Yeah, that sounds more realistic honestly.

6. Take a road trip to a mountain getaway – I guess I’ve technically already planned this one since I’ve got a trip to Highlands planned at the end of October. I cannot wait! But I wouldn’t mind going on another one if the opportunity presented itself!

7. Play in the leaves and get a cute photo – there’s such a short window in Dallas for pretty leaves, but I plan on making the most of it!

8. Go apple picking and make my own cider…or just drink theirs.

9. Make a fort in the backyard and look at the stars all cozied up – or maybe it would be more realistic to just make a “real” fire at all. I want to get one of those things that allows you to do that from Home Depot. We had one at my old house and my roomies and I would always hang out by the fire and chat about life.

11. Try a new fall recipe (think sweet potatoes mmmm).

12. Host a Friendsgiving.

13. Put pumpkins on your porch (carved or not – I kinda hate carving them TBH).

14. Create a Fall Capsule Wardrobe – I did this for Summer and y’all seemed to really love it! So I’m working on doing the same for Fall!

15. Start a gratitude practice (journal, in your phone, etc.)

17. Enter a fun seasonal 5 or 10K in your city – I’m more so suggesting this for y’all because realistically, I don’t think this will happen for me. Maybe next year?

18. Spend a lazy Sunday in October watching scary movies – oh, I am SO here for this. I can’t wait for the temperature to drop here in Dallas and to have a lazy staycation in my living room.

19. Go on an outdoor hike.

20. Wear these comfy Koolaburra booties and be cozy, taking advantage of the fact that I work from home and that I can.

But let’s camp out for a minute here on these cutie Koolaburra UGGS.

I’m serious y’all, what’s more fall than UGGs?! They give me all the fall feels and I live in them all season. I scored this new pair of Koolaburra by UGG and get ready to see them a lot, because I’m obsessed. I’ve tried to buy the knockoffs before, but just don’t #trust.

The quality of these are the best and they’re actually comfortable no matter how long you wear them – plus they last FOREVER. I personally like the shorter ones since my legs are short but I love them with leggings or jeans and big cozy sweaters. Aren’t they the cutest?! The whole Koolaburra Fall 2018 collection is, so do yourself a favor and check it out! Speaking of, I’m crushing on these adorable, suede lace-up sneakers I stumbled upon on their site and I’m thinking about snagging a pair of these slippers for my sister for Christmas! And these booties with the shearling detail (similar to the ones I have on) are adorable as well! Okay and last but not least of my favorites from the Fall collection are these tall black boots similar to the ones I’m wearing, but taller and black!

What else are y’all doing this fall?

I didn’t want to make my list too long, as I seriously want to accomplish it (or at least most).

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