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Eleftheria Sandal Review

brighton butler Eleftheria Sandal review

My go-to sandal of the summer has to be the Eleftheria Sandal by Ancient Greek Sandals. I was looking for a strappy sandal about a month ago and actually tried two different pairs before I decided on the Eleftherias.

These sandals are so beautifully crafted. They’re also comfortable and super durable since they’re handmade in Greece using traditional techniques. Every time I share these on IG, I get tons of questions about them so I thought a full Eleftheria Sandal review would be helpful.

Here are some of the questions I’ve seen come in about the Eleftheria Sandal.

Eleftheria Sandal Review

Ancient Greek Sandals

Eleftheria Sandal

These are THE sandals for summer. I’d been wanting something strappy for a minute, but I didn’t expect to love these as much as I do. The minimalistic style of these feels elevated, so they can be dressed up or down depending on your vibe. The delicate braided leather straps are also super flattering.

What’s the design of the Eleftheria Sandal like?

This sandal features a strappy design that wraps around your foot and gives the shoe a secure but adjustable fit. I love that the straps are made from genuine braided leather, which adds to the durability and overall vibe of the sandals.

Are these sandals comfortable to wear all day?

Yes, the leather straps are soft, which prevents any rubbing against the skin. The sole is also made of a cushioned material that gives you solid support and absorbs impact so you can wear them for extended periods of wear.

Do these sandals fit TTS?

I’ve found that they generally fit true to size. There are no half sizes, so if you’re normally between sizes, I recommend sizing up. There’s nothing I hate more than wearing sandals that are too small and seeing your toe poke over the top!

Can these sandals be worn with different looks?

Yup! The versatile design of the Eleftheria Sandals makes them perfect for a variety of outfits. Whether you’re wearing a casual summer dress, a pair of jeans, or shorts, these sandals elevate any style in my opinion.

How durable are the Eleftheria Sandals?

These sandals are very durable — you can tell the craftsmanship is *chef’s kiss.* The high-quality leather used in the construction helps them last for a long time, and the attention to detail in the stitching and assembly gives you a reliable and sturdy sandal that you can wear every day.

What’s the cost? Are they worth the investment?

This sandal is pretty comparable to other high-quality sandals. While they may be more expensive than some alternatives, it’s important to note that they’re handcrafted and are made using quality materials. The durability, comfort, and timeless design make them a worthy investment if you’re looking for a long-lasting and versatile sandal that will elevate your summer wardrobe.

Just in case you needed further proof that I truly love these sandals, I originally bought them in black and then went back and ordered the natural color a few weeks later because I was wearing them so much. If that isn’t the best review I can give you, I don’t know what is. ;)

brighton butler Eleftheria Sandal review
brighton butler Eleftheria Sandal review