Style - March 16, 2020

6 Ways to Feel More Comfortable In Your Skin

Brighton Keller wearing rust dress, brown mules and woven skirt
Outfit Details: Ruffle Midi Dress (wearing size xs petite)

Y’all know by now that I can struggle with feeling confident at all times. I mean, we ALL do, right? I used to think it was because my job was in the public eye in some sense, but the truth is, confidence is a fleeting, HARD thing to conquer, no matter who you are. Feeling 100% comfortable with yourself and confident isn’t what I’m striving for, because I know it’s impossible, but I do believe there are certain things that really help! If y’all are looking for ways to feel more comfortable with yourself, whether on a bad day or longterm, here’s my advice:

Be a good person

I know this sounds kinda cheesy but I think it is one of the most important factors to feeling good, internally and externally. Be the bigger person, be kind to strangers, be patient and a good listener, volunteer your time, give people the benefit of the doubt, BE NICE, help those in need, and do all the basic human things that make up a good, kind person. When you are proud of the person you are, it’s a whole lot easier to be comfortable with yourself.

Get active

My confidence and positivity always soar when I’m being consistent with movement. Not necessarily because I feel like I look better physically (though that’s a perk!), but just knowing that I’m treating my body well and that I’m getting stronger is a huge boost.

Have a go-to outfit

Brighton Keller wearing spotted dress, black denim jacket and brown chunky heel
Outfit Details: Satin Came Slip Dress ( wearing xs petite) // Denim Jacket (wearing size xs)

My mama taught me this years ago and I still think about it often! Find an outfit combination that you ALWAYS feel good in – no what time of the month it is, your mood, etc. For me right now, that’s a flattering dress, a denim jacket, and some sort of heel (but something comfy, usually a block heel!). I’m wearing that exact combo in these photos and everything I’m wearing is from Abercrombie & Fitch, and they have TONS of cute similar dresses if your comfort outfit that looks like mine. In fact, I find their items to be flattering in general. I recommend finding items that flatter the body, like a cinched or wrap waste, and then a little bit of added height if you’re on the shorter side like me. Everyone has a different comfort combination, obviously, but those are a couple of universally flattering things to keep in mind! Here are some of those options from Abercrombie & Fitch if y’all feel your best is a cute, flattering dress, too:

Turn off social media

This is a tip that I need to do myself. Sometimes I’m good at it and sometimes I REALLY struggle with the comparison game…which sends me into Brighton Brain and that’s not a good thing. Honestly, there are days where I wish I could delete all of my social media because it can be so negative (just being honest). I think recognizing when this is happening, and that social media is making you feel bad, is the first step. Then slowly removing it from your life until you feel out of your funk. Try it! I’m always trying to do it as well.

Do self-reflections

This is a LIFE HACK y’all! Kinda like a brain dump, this is something I turn to whenever I’m feeling blah about anything. Taking the time to sit down and assess how you’re feeling, what you can improve on, what you’re thriving at, where you feel icky, etc. is not only a wake-up call but it’s very motivating to make necessary changes. Kinda like being a good person, this really helps the mental aspect of confidence. I

Find what makes you feel good

I mean this physically and mentally. Physically, having my nails and hair done makes me feel more confident so it’s something I prioritize. Oh and a little makeup to cover my red nose! I can feel most comfortable in my skin when I take care of those few maintenance tasks. Mentally, I’m all about walks with Duncan, journaling, brain dumps, reading the bible or listening to a motivating podcast.

Brighton Keller wearing jean jacket, rust jacket, woven purse, and brown mules
Brighton Keller wearing rust dress, brown mules and woven purse
Brighton Keller wearing rust dress, jean jacket, woven purse and brown mules
Brighton Keller wearing spotted dress and black denim jacket
Brighton Keller wearing spotted dress and black denim jacket

This post was sponsored by Abercrombie & Fitch. All opinions are my own.