Lifestyle - March 29, 2019

5 Ways to Switch Your Brain Off At Night

Y’all have probably gathered by now that I’m very into getting good sleep and having a strong nightly routine. My sleep and the routine I rely on to help me get that sleep are two things I really try not to sacrifice no matter what day of the week it is. But it occurred to me recently that I haven’t shared much about what I do before my routine – you know, what I do to decompress and get my brain ready to go into relaxation slash sleep mode. So, in the spirit of doing less (which I’ve been trying to do more of – does that even make sense? LOL), let’s talk about how to switch our brains off!

For me, I have to really consciously focus on winding down because Brighton brain is always running wild, so I think I have some really good insight to offer on this front. If you struggle with stuff like this too, promise me you’ll try some of these tips, k?


I freaking love to read. It’s one of my favorite ways to chill out when I’m at home or traveling. I know not everyone is a reader, but it really is one of the best ways to decompress at night or any time, really. Whether you’re reading fiction or self-improvement, a good book just transports your mind and encourages you to take a step away from the stresses of life for a second. I challenge you to pick up a book sometime in the next week and give it a try. And if you’re looking for something good to read, you can check out eight of my favorite books here.


I go back and forth with meditating, but when I do make it part of my routine, I always love it. If you’ve never done it before or have no idea how to start, I recommend checking out an app. They make it so easy and approachable. Calm and Headspace are the two I’ve heard the most about. You could even make this part of your nightly bedtime routine because I guarantee you’re going to fall asleep ASAP.

Journal / Do a Brain Dump

Y’all know I’m very passionate about journaling. It’s my time to reflect and just get out anything that’s been weighing on me. I do my journaling during my morning quiet time, but you could easily do it right when you get home to get out any stresses about work before settling into your evening. Brain dumps are also AMAZING for decluttering your mind. I like to do brain dumps on Sunday to get out any Sunday night anxiety I might be feeling about the week ahead.

Don’t work in bed

Some spaces should just be for you, know what I mean? I totally get that the work day doesn’t always end right at 5 pm and sometimes it has to come home with you. Or, if you’re like me and work from home, it can be hard to draw a line and know when to wrap up for the day. If you do have to bring work home or work late from home, do it, but go into your office (if you have one) or post up at the dining room table. Your bed is a space that should instantly make you feel relaxed and ready to doze off, not focus in and go to work. If you make bringing work into bed with you a habit, your brain will remember that and no longer turn off when you’re there. Just don’t do it, k?

Talk to Someone You Love

There’s something about calling up my mom or one of my sisters or #MysteryBoy that just makes my heart happy. And when my heart is happy, everything else seems to melt away. This is also why I love having roommates. Having a friend to talk to about anything and everything after work helps to get the stresses of the day off my mind. And if there’s a glass of wine involved, it feels especially relaxing.

How do y’all decompress at night? I’m always game to learn something new when it comes to this stuff!