Gift Guides - November 3, 2021

10 Experiences You Can Gift This Year

The older I get, the fewer “things” I want. Maybe it’s because I don’t want to collect more clutter in my home, but I also just enjoy experiences more and more. Whether it’s a spa day with Duncan or listening to a book I’ve been wanting to read via Audible, there’s just something so nice about receiving a gift that I can actually do.

When I posted a question on Instagram a couple of months ago asking what types of gift ideas y’all wanted this year, a resounding number of you said experiences. So I decided to dedicate an entire post to experiences you can gift this year. The best part about these gifts? You don’t have to worry about any supply chain issues so even if you wait until the last minute, they’re available!

Spa Day

With so much going on, it’s very rare that I schedule a spa day for myself. However, like most people, I love feeling pampered and am so appreciative any time someone gifts me a visit to the spa. I’ve even talked Duncan into going with me a few times and he loves it too! A couple of my favorites in Dallas are Hiatus Spa + Retreat and The Spa at The Joule.


One of my and Duncan’s favorite things to gift each other is a staycation where we can spend the day (or weekend) relaxing. In fact, we’ve got a stay at The Thompson Dallas coming up that I’m super excited about. If you’re on a budget, check out sites like Kayak or Hotwire for discounted prices on luxe hotels near you.


Duncan and I did a MasterClass on cooking last year and loved it! MasterClass offers tons of classes from experts in their craft so you can learn how to cook, play poker, train your dog, and even write movies. I would also love to take the class that Anna Wintour teaches on creativity and leadership. SO cool. The all-access pass is $180 for an entire year.

National Parks Annual Pass

When Duncan and I lived in Denver, we always talked about getting a National Parks Annual Pass since we were close to so many amazing parks. This would be a great gift option for someone who loves to travel or someone who lives near a number of national parks and visits them frequently — plus this gift covers park entrance for a driver and all passengers in their car for an entire year for just $80 so it’s a great deal!

The Adventure Challenge

I recently stumbled upon The Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition online and can’t get over how cute of an idea it is. The kit gives you 50 date night ideas, and you have no idea what they are until you scratch off the challenge. They give you hints so you have an idea of how to dress and what to bring, and each date night is under $50.

Meal Kit

I swear by my Home Chef membership! It has been a lifesaver on the days that Duncan and I get off work and feel too exhausted to make something from scratch. There are a number of really great meal kit options out there and most can be catered to specific dietary needs so you can truly gift them to anyone.


love reading books but find myself struggling to find the time to actually sit down and read a physical book, so I’ve fallen in love with Audible. They have two different options so you can purchase the Plus or Premium Plus membership and give access to audiobooks, podcasts, sleep tracks, etc. I have the Plus membership which includes a new book per month for only $15 monthly.

Membership to a Place You Enjoy

The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden is a staple here and such a fun place to visit as a family. Duncan and I have talked about getting a membership for a while but have never pulled the trigger. This could be a great gift idea that we would all enjoy. Find a place your giftee loves and buy them a membership!

ClassPass Gift Card

This is a great gift idea for someone in your life who loves fitness. With ClassPass, they can sign up to take different classes at various studios throughout town. What’s even cooler is that the classes can be taken at participating studios throughout the U.S. so when they travel, they can explore new studios too!

Wine Club

Got a wine lover on your list? A wine club is an awesome way for them to try a wide variety of wines delivered right to their doorstep. A lot of these clubs will begin to curate your deliveries based on how you rate the wines you’ve tried too, so they’ll be able to learn what they do and don’t like and maybe even find their new favorite wine! I’ve heard really good things about Winc and Boxt.

I know there are so many cool experiences I’m forgetting. What are some cool experiences you’ve been given or gifted to others that you’d recommend? I’m thinking about doing this for some people on my gift list this year!