Faith - February 19, 2016

The Porch Podcast – Don’t Follow Your Passions

dont follow your passions

YOU GUYS! I just listened to a podcast while getting my nails done and OH EM GEE. AMAZING. Like, SO stinkin’ good AND relevant and I think all of you should listen to it – especially those of you who are working towards or working in a career.

Has anyone ever told you to follow your passion? I’m assuming the answer is yes – because I think we’ve all heard that at some point. But have you ever thought about whether or not that’s actually good advice? Is “following your passion” what’s driving your decisions and career moves? If so, you might want to rethink things…
Basically, the message touches on how following your passion is NOT necessarily the answer and that it’s actually pretty horrible advice to give an 18 year old (at least in and of itself). I can’t really do the message/lesson justice so I encourage you to listen for yourself but essentially, it challenges us to think about our work in a completely different (and incredibly refreshing) way that left me feeling both motivated in my job and humbled (but also excited!) before Christ

The next time you have a free moment, I really want to urge you to listen to it. I know you will enjoy it
If you don’t know how. Here are the steps. Go to your podcast app (it’s comes with your iphone – so you 100% have it) and search for “don’t follow your passions”. It’s from @theporch from Feb 1 of this year.

Listen to it y’all! and let me know what you think :)