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Styling cardigan outfits is probably one of my absolute FAVORITE ensembles to put together. I just feel like you can do SO MUCH with a classic cardigan – regardless of the color – to create a timeless, effortless look. Whether you’re sporting a short, long, heavy, or light cardigan, you’ll find that throwing on that “third piece” really makes all the difference in pulling the entire look together. You can easily dress them up or down and with a variety of different accessories to create several looks with just one piece. If you haven’t noticed by now, I am SUCH a cardigan junkie. I absolutely love them and consider cardigans to be a MUST-HAVE wardrobe essential.

My favorite spot to shop cardigans is Nordstorm because – in my experience – they seem to have the BEST selection and their return policy is BOMB if you need to return. I love the Halogen cardigans for work & play and am always keeping my eye on the new arrivals as well.

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the Outfit Guide