Faith - April 14, 2015

My Very First Video (#Amateur)

BY THE WAY: I recorded this video before I wrote Sunday’s post…so it’s all kind of on the same wavelength! But I wanted to share this with y’all…because it’s awful and awesome at the same time. ha!

I was driving back to Dallas from Houston last week and started thinking about where I wanted my blog to be in 5 years and asking myself simple questions like, what’s my favorite part of my blog? and things like that. And The conclusion I came to is that, although I love what I do and have loved every part of this adventure over the past few years, I don’t really feel like I’ve reached my full potential. Or, for some reason, I feel as if I’m waiting for something to happen TO me instead of just making it happen on my own. I asked myself the hard questions too, like what purpose do I want my blog to serve? What do I want people to expect when the visit brightontheday and how do I hope to “leave” them once they’ve visited.

I came to the realization that I wanted to do more of what I was doing on instagram – merging fashion and faith (like I mentioned in Sunday’s post!). And I think one of the ways I want to do that is by having a candid/honest video series where I talk about BIG things (or small things too, I guess) – where there is no “instagram staging” perfection allowed. It’s just REAL stuff – as you see it.

So my first video was OBVIOUSLY not planned and not scripted AT ALL. And a total catastrophe.

As you’ll notice by how CHOPPY it is, I did ATTEMPT to edit out a bunch of stuff because it was SUPER long….and rambly-ish. But in the future, I don’t plan on editing my videos. It takes too long? Maybe I’ll change my mind though?

OH AND ALSO, the whole vertical thing (with the black panels on either side – OMG SO BAD….haha) – that’s because I didn’t know that you had to turn your iPhone the other way for a video. ha! #AmateurProbs

…so I think I’m going to call this little “unedited” video sesh series, “Being Bright with Brighton” as kind of a play on words with the whole “Be Still Be Bright” movement I’ve already got going on ;) And these videos will be about faith specifically (I think), but I think I might do more videos in general. Eeeek! It just all depends on how y’all respond honestly.

ok so if I do this, what would you like to know? What kinds of questions do you have? I can’t promise to answer them all, but I’m definitely okay with being real and transparent with y’all and letting you “get to know me” better, if you will.

PS: and by “live a normal life”, I mean like NOT as a minister….or not doing missionary work…just as a regular (non church-working-africa-loving) person. Make sense?