Fall Wedding Attire

I love Fall & Winter weddings, but sometimes it can be challenging to figure out just what to wear depending on the dress code. We’re working on a few specific posts catering to answering those questions and dealing with dress code ins and outs in depth. But in the meantime, I wanted to help you with your shopping for any upcoming weddings you’ve got on your social calendar. I’ve split the shopping boutiques into formal and semi-format to hopefully facilitate your shopping experience. Please let me know if you have any questions and I’m happy to answer!

Formal Wedding Attire Options

It’s not easy trying to navigate the Fall and Winter wedding attire question. So to help you in your shopping struggles, I’ve done some shopping for y’all and picked the best of the best options! For the formal attire options, I’ve included a note as to WHY it’s appropriate for a formal (black tie) wedding or if we were on the fence about it. A lot of the time, the appropriateness of your dress really depends on the circumstances of the wedding (whether it’s inside or outside, what time it starts, the bride’s personality, the venue, etc.)

Semi-Formal Wedding Attire Options

I feel like there are SO MANY more semi-formal wedding options out there and it’s just so much easier to figure out what to wear to a semi-formal wedding…don’t you think? Here are a few of my favorite options currently available right now:

Wedding Attire Online Shopping: Resources & Tips

If none of the above suited you, I wanted to give you some additional resources to help you out! Here are a few of my favorite places online to shop for wedding attire:

  • Nordstrom – be sure to filter by length and attire that you’re looking for, but even still, you’ll need to use your judgement because I’ve seen a few options under the “formal” category that are certainly not formal but it’s a least good way to narrow down the pages you’ve got to go through!
  • Revolve Clothing (black tie dresses + cocktail dresses) – This is a GREAT website for finding wedding dresses and they’re shipping is ON POINT. It’s FREE 2 day delivery so it’s amazing for last minute shopping as well! I’d suggest ordering multiple sizes and options if you can because returns are REALLY easy (they send you the label and you can send it back in the same packaging), but a lot of their brands fit strangely (especially the Australian ones – so keep that in mind when ordering!). Also, if you like something on their website, ORDER it because it will probably sell out SUPER fast! They don’t typically have much stop (as opposed to bigger retailers like Nordstrom).
  • Shopbop – typically, most of their selection is going to be at a higher price point, but sometimes they’ve got GREAT finds from unique brands that aren’t too terribly expensive. Whatever the case, it’s still a GREAT resource for finding wedding guest dresses!
  • ASOS – they’ve got pretty good shipping and if you order from here frequently, I’d suggest signing up for their free year-round 2 day shipping. But either way, their logistics are awesome so you can count on it arriving when they say it will!

Brands I like for formal wedding guest options (not done with this list!):

  • Jill by Jill Stuart –
  • Nicholas –
  • Katie May – Wow. Her dresses are beautiful, timeless and oh-so classic! If you’re down for spending around $300+ ish then you should FOR SURE check out her dresses! Plus, they’re not trendy so you’ll be able to wear them for as long as you can still fit into it!
  • Morgan & Co. – There are usually a few good finds in their collection and the price point is AMAZING! But keep in mind that they run a little smaller under the arms so order up a size maybe!