Life - December 13, 2018

Easy At-Home Date Night Idea

I know I haven’t shared much of #mysteryboy with y’all other than a few Instagram moments, but that’s mainly because I want to keep that part of my life private and protect our relationship. Plus, I kinda like keeping him to myself. So even though I don’t share much of him, I thought I could do a better job at sharing more about dating and what we like to do together!

For the most part, we’re both pretty laid back and are homebodies. We like to be *somewhat* adventurous here and there (which I have a love/hate relationship with – hard to get me there but always glad once I get going) but during the week, you can usually find us on the couch or eating (ha!). Since his schedule isn’t as flexible as mine, one thing I TRY to do is think about dinner for us. It’s just one less thing we have to worry about if he’s coming over and I’d rather spend the time hanging than looking through our phones for delivery. And while I’m not the best cook (y’all know this), I have been trying to cook more because we’re both trying to eat healthier these days.

Y’all have heard me talk about Plated before and lately, it’s been perfect for an easy date night at home. Honestly, it’s been so freaking cold in Dallas lately, the last thing I want to do at night is bundle up and leave my house in the dark. Especially when the meals from Plated are SO good and easy.

If y’all need a reminder of what Plated is, it’s chef-designed meal kit delivery service. Everything you need for each meal is provided and they even measure everything out which is a #gamechanger when it comes to time cooking and even the cleanup. There are 20 recipes each week that you can pick from depending on what you like and then boom, everything shows up on your doorstep! The best part to me is the ease and then just how dang good it is. And also how it takes the guess work/effort out of dinner, which is my least favorite meal when I have to plan and shop for it. The menu is fun too – I love picking what I’m feeling! So I kinda love it ALL I guess – one of the best subscription boxes I’ve tried and definitely the best meal kit delivery!

This week I tried a new recipe that I wanted to share with y’all because it was #mysteryboy’s fave yet – and one of mine, too! He likes to keep things balanced which is good for me because I can go off the healthy eating wagon fast. And honestly, sometimes healthy for us just means being in control of what we’re eating and cooking it ourselves. I chose to cook Paprika Chicken w/ Sour Cream and Onion Mashed Potatoes and then Pear and Almond Crumble for dessert which we split. YUM YUM YUM! We loved it all and soooo easy.

Add some candles, Christmas music or Netflix, PJs and it’s the easy at-home date night ever! Y’all can get 40% OFF your first 2 Plated orders if you want to try (promise you’ll love it!). Just head this way and use code BRIGHTON40 at checkout. Enjoy friends!

Thanks to Plated for sponsoring this yummy post!