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After putting together holiday gift guides for 4 years, there seemed to always be a few common denominators between all of my gift guides – not matter what year or season. There are just some things that will ALWAYS be good gifts – don’t you think? Of course there’d be little differences and such from year to year, but for the most part the actual gifts were the same.

The truth of the matter is that there are some gifts (like a coffee mug or pajamas) that have always been and will always be a great gift for her – no matter what the occasion. And so with this in mind, I wanted to put together a sort of timeless gift guide for her that would inspire gift ideas not only just for the holidays but for mother’s day, birthdays, graduation and the like. Think of this as your ultimate gift-giving resource! So with that being said, let’s get right into it, shall we?!

gift guide for her


The Best Christmas Gifts For Her

1. Robe – Give her a robe that she will never want to get out of. The Barefoot Dreams robe is literally one of the best christmas gifts for her you could ever get! It’s the softest thing you will put on your body – I wear mine year round and love it SO much! To add a little extra personalization, get it monogrammed with her initials! I have the blush pink robe and have a cream-colored monogram of my initials – LOVE it!

2.Hanky Pankies – These are the perfect all year round gifts you do not want to miss out on. They come in so many colors and are super comfortable (talk about them here and here) . They also make great stocking stuffers!

3. Monogram Necklaces (or monogrammed anything, really!) – This is such a cute idea for “her” or anyone looking for something personal to give “her” for the holidays. This is also a great idea for anyone who recently has gotten married or engaged. I have a few monogram necklaces and love (and wear) them all actually, I love the baublebar XL gold monogram necklace and the Moon & Lola Hampton monogram that’s in a more modern font (I wore it in this blog post).

4. Plaid Blanket Scarf – Scarves (depending on the material) are typically great gifts any time of year but they’re especially wonderful treats during the holidays. I’ve loved this tartan plaid print ever since I first laid eyes on it and the colors in the plaid are so great in that they go with SO much! I love wearing mine with navy (or black) and white stripes and denim!

5.Perfume – If you are looking for a gift that is really special and thoughtful perfume is a great way to show it. Noticing a special scent that someone wears or finding one that makes you think of them can really mean a lot. I love this gift idea for mothers and mother-in-laws as a cute way to say you thought of them!

6.  Planner – Something about having a cute planner makes being organized a little more fun. So why not encourage her adulting skills by gifting an adorable Kate Spade planner?! I also love the Shop and Rifle Paper ones as well. Planners (or notebooks) are great gifts for any time of year but especially during the summer and before the new year – since most of them typically start in August or January.

7.Yummy-smelling Candles – I love giving candles for the holidays. They can really come in handy when you are wanting something to bring to a Christmas party or for a hostess. I stocked up on some of my favorite scents during Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but I always pick a few holiday scented ones right when the season starts (here and here). As for everyday scents, I LOVE Votivo’s Red Currant and Diptque Baies.

8.Pajamas – I still think pajamas are BY FAR one of the best gifts you can give a girl (no matter WHAT age)! Who doesn’t love to get cozied up in new jammies?! I know I do! And if you really want to get her something special, I HIGHLY recommend a pair of Eberjey pants set or the shorts set and ship shirt are both super cute too! I can’t even explain how much she’ll love! Just trust me on this one, friends!

9.Statement Earrings – Can’t go wrong with getting her a pair of earrings (assuming her ears are pierced, of course!) My favorite place to find statement (and simple too) earrings is Baublebar – they have the best finds for such a great price. I’m ALWAYS able to find a few things I absolutely love on their website. If not statement earrings, then get her a classic pair of studs or even one of their gold link chain bracelets (I wear mine all the time!)

10. Watch -If you are looking for a special gift for her that she will hold onto forever a watch is a great idea. Kate Spade & Michael Kors are some of my favorite designers for watches because they bring an effortlessly chic and timeless design.

11. Lip Gloss Gift Sets

12. Tote Bag – if she doesn’t already have a good one, then this is a fabulous gift for “her” and one that she will 100% use. You can go for the classic Madewell one or something a little less expensive (but with a similar all-american vibe) one like this one (under $50!) from Nordstrom!

13. Sneakers – If you know her shoe size, get her a fresh pair of sneakers for running around town or to encourage her new year’s fit resolution. I get a new pair of Nike Frees every year after I’ve worn mine out from the year! There’s something so yummy about a brain new pair of kicks!

14. Water Bottle or Cute Mug – One of my best friends always gets me a cute water bottle or coffee mug each year and it’s literally the BEST gift. Let me tell you why. Not only is it a reasonable price point (usually under $20) but if it’s cute and fun, you can be sure she’ll use it all the time. I’ve always got a coffee mug and some sort of water bottle on my desk at all times so I love having lots of cute options to choose from each morning.

15. Makeup Set – For the beauty addict get her one of these special makeup sets for the Holidays. This is a great time to get her some exclusive colors and palettes that will really make her day. They also come in all kinds of sizes and make great stocking stuffers.

16. Nail Polish Set – The holidays are a perfect time to stock up on some classic & festive nail colors. Luckily, I have you covered with these adorable gift sets. I think these are so cute to give to girlfriends for Christmas and will be something they will definitely use.

17. Trinket Tray – In case ya’ll haven’t noticed I love my Zebra tray. I have it in two colors and love to use it on my desk for paperclips and little knick knacks. I use my other as a ring dish at my vanity. I definite recommend this as a gift idea for any girl, put this in her stocking and she’ll be sure to thank you later.

18. YSL Lip Stain – I feel like I rant and rave about this stuff all the time. But Y’all, it really is amazing! I promise she’ll love if you get her one of these lip stains – you really can’t go wrong with them. Even if she’s not a lip stain kind of girl, she’ll still appreciate this one because it’s not super thick like some of the other lip stains on the market. If you don’t know what color to get her, I would suggest getting her NO. 15 (light pink) or No. 107 (beautiful neutral) because those are my go-to colors and I think they would look good on ANYONE.

19.  Slippers – I mean, does anything say cozy like a fluffy pair of slippers?! This is another gift that will FOR SURE be a winner! I basically live in mine – but really tho. I love them so much I even wear them during the summer months! I get a new pair every other year or so as they get worn in. I love the newest ones by Kookaburra by UGG (talked about them my blog post about 7 ways to embrace a Fall state of mind!).

20. Wallet – such a classic go-to gift – but it’s a go-to for so many for a reason. Everyone needs a wallet and it’s always so nice to get a new one. I like to cycle between a few of them and switch out every few months to keep things feeling fresh (And to make myself clean it out with receipts, cards, and papers I don’t need).

Here’s the gift guide in a PINTEREST FRIENDLY SIZE FOR Y’ALL!

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