Amazon - September 4, 2021

Amazon Best Sellers In August

Hi friends! This month some of my favorite products from Amazon also happen to be the top sellers this month. I tried two new clothing items. First, this dress was really cute! I love the gingham print and off-the-shoulder design. Its easy to pair with sneakers or sandals.

Next, I purchased these shorts. They come in over ten colors. I chose the navy, but will probably purchase a few other colors. I love the wide waistband. It reminds me of the free people short, but it is a fraction of the price. I think what I love most about the short is the deep pocket. It’s big enough for my phone, so there is no need to bring an additional bag on my walks. The last three items are things I’ve had for a while and use frequently.

First, this meal planner gets used every week. On Sundays, Duncan and I try to plan our weeks. Part of that process is meal planning and grocery shopping. This meal planner works great for that purpose! I am able to write out exactly what we will be doing for each day (eating at home or going out). That allows me to pull together a grocery list for our weekly grocery outing.

Next, I found these slippers when I was getting my closet unpacked. I forgot how much I love them. They are great to wear in the house or to a pilates class.

Lastly, this label maker gets used ALL THE TIME. You can label your baskets in your kitchen, shelves in your linen closet or storage boxes. Have a great rest of your weekend!