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5 Ways To Keep Your Health in Check During the Holidays

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keep health in check during holidays
keep health in check during holidays
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keep health in check during holidays
keep health in check during holidays

I don’t talk a ton about health and fitness on the blog, and to be totally candid, I’m not the BEST at it. Between growing up cheering through college and decent genes, I’ll be honest, I didn’t have to struggle much with weight. And I know that’s annoying slash lucky, and I totally understand that, but I’m trying to be real like always.

Now that I’m later in my 20s and not working out everyday like I did with cheer, things are starting to change. Not only physically, but in general, I can FEEL when I’m not being healthy or active. It’s like I’m fully understanding why people say “I don’t work out to look good, I work out to feel good” (which I always thought was kinda BS, to be honest). My body and energy levels feel much different depending on if I’ve been eating only candy for a week (kidding…kind of), or if I’ve made smart choices.

With the holidays approaching and generally an unhealthy time of year, I wanted to focus on feeling good. After all, it’s such a crazy season and the thought of no energy and not feeling good about myself doesn’t sound good. If you’re wanting to stay healthy surrounding the holidays coming up, you might enjoy this post too! I tried to make the list not super obvious like “work out, eat healthy” because honestly, that doesn’t really work for me.

1. Hold a drink at parties

OK this might sound weird, but I heard this trick a long time ago and it really works. Holiday parties are FULL of food, we know this, and if you’re like me, you kinda go crazy when everything is in front of you. I’m talking piling a plate high and then just standing there awkwardly eating instead of talking to ppl. That’s me! SO, a friend said she always holds a drink in one hand, because then it’s harder to pile a plate and scarf down. Especially if you’re meeting new people and having to shake hands, no one wants to be the girl with messy food fingers during a first impression. Grab a few healthy snacks when you first get there (or even eat before), then move on from the food and dessert table!

2. Hydrate correctly

I mentioned holding your drink above, but another healthy holiday trick is to make that drink healthy. I love wine as much as the next girl, but for some reason the holidays make it seem OK to drink multiple glasses a night – and if you’re trying to prioritize health, that’s probably not the smartest idea.

Try to limit drinking alcohol to 2 times a week. You’ll feel much better slash less hungover, and you’ll find that you don’t feel so sluggish all season. I like to mix sparking water and lime if I’m out and not drinking, so that I have something kinda fun.

And in general, try to drink as much water as humanly possible during this time! Your skin will thank you and so will your body. I have one of these bottles (how CUTE is this BTW?!) and I fill it 5-6x a day if I’m being good. P.S. try to finish the majority of your water by like 4 p.m. so you’re not up all night peeing. (You’re welcome.) I find that chugging one as soon as I wake up really wakes me up, and that’s already 1 serving down.

3. Get physical

I have a friend’s family who always plays flag football on Thanksgiving morning and I love that. If your family is up for it – or even grab friends – try to set up something physical this season. Maybe it’s early morning walks when everyone is together, or something like football. Just move as much as possible, even when with loved ones.

4. Nutrients at every meal

I’m going to work on this step right alongside y’all, because sometimes I swear all I eat is bagels and pasta in a day (NOT OK). If you could use more nutrients in your life, mix fruit and veggies into each meal. I’ve been starting the day with an acai bowl (so freaking good, not to mention IG worthy), or a veggie omelette and a smoothie. Then, I try to have a side of veggies (like carrots and hummus or celery and peanut butter) a couple times throughout the day or alongside lunch. Basically try to fill each meal with as much veggies as possible since the fiber will help keep you full and they’re good for you (duh). Then, treat yourself with some fruit instead of refined sugar whenever possible. If you absolutely hate greens, try throwing some into a smoothie – aka hide the greens just like when you were a kid.

5. Consider walking

It wasn’t until a friend was in town and I drove us to get coffee down the street from my house that she suggested we walk next time instead. Um excuse me? But she had such a great point! I drive everywhere on auto-pilot, without really considering just how close something is. It’s part of suburban life I think, but it’s pretty unhealthy if you think about it, y’all. To create a habit of getting in more exercise, think about walking vs. driving for every activity/meeting/appt/whatever. I’ve been surprised at just how much more I’m walking – and kinda sorta loving it. Mainly bc I can listen to all the podcasts and clear my head.

And without fail, cute athletic clothes inspire me to be more physical, so I’ve linked some of my favorite lounge-inspired pieces below. I like to wear these out and about and that way I’m more comfy to go for a walk or whatever. Hope you love!

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