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Best Self Help Podcasts

best self help podcasts
brighton keller in sporty chic athleisure outfit
brighton keller in sporty chic athleisure outfit
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Today I want to talk about the best self help podcasts I’ve come across lately. I’ve never been one to shy away from “self-help” because I feel like self-improvement is such an exciting discipline. And y’all know I’m a HUGE fan of podcasts, so it was only a matter of time when we’d talk about the best self help podcasts – have you been following along in the seriestoday I want to discuss the best self help podcasts I’ve come across.

Again, I love me some self help content and am always down to work on personal development and growth. I will say, though, that sometimes self-help books can be a bit much for me – or maybe just too cheesy(?), so I love the idea of self-improvement or supportive podcasts.

Best Self Help Podcasts

Similar to some of the faith-based podcasts I subscribe to, these ones add a little lesson to your day and make you feel GOOD. I especially like these if I’m in a funk or just feeling blah, ya know? They are motivational and can remind you that you’re not the only one going through X issue. I find that through my 20s these have been incredibly helpful, and I’m excited to share the list below with y’all!

1. Happier with Gretchen Rubin (~30 minutes)

This is based on her best selling book, The Happiness Project, and the author/host, Gretchen, does this podcast with her sister – which is cute. These are quick, funny, insightful episodes, and I love that they have a format they stick to. Each time they share one “try this at home” tip to increasing your happiness, and they also give a “gold star” to someone or an idea each week. They also share what they could have improved on. You have to skip through a fair amount of ads, but this is overall a great one!

2. Magic Lessons by Elizabeth Gilbert (20-80 minutes)

Another author – she wrote Eat, Pray, Love among others – Elizabeth is a really wonderful host. It’s like you’re getting encouragement from a wise, kind friend – which I value! She’s incredibly relateable, and I feel like she helps you find yourself. I’ve laughed, cried, and learned. I think it’s especially helpful for people who aren’t entirely sure where their life is heading, and is perfect for all ages. Such a goodie!

3. The Lively Show (20-60 minutes)

I love the description that the host, Jess, provides so I wanted to share it. A podcast to “uplift, inspire, and add a little intention to your every day.” Intentions are very interesting to me, so I enjoy that she talks about them so much. I kinda find that I’m bettering myself after her shows. She is very candid about her life – and actually got divorced, sold her house and all her belongings and moved to Europe for a while – very Eat, Pray, Love-ish, which is fascinating on its own! She used to do more interviews and hopefully will bring those back once she’s settled. Smart, helpful girl!

4. Curious Minds (~30 minutes)

Dr. Allen is bright and down to earth. She makes you consider new perspectives and it’s very well produced. She brings in guests and her questions are AMAZING. You get inside the mind of her inspirational guests – many of them creative thinkers – and hear about everyday topics in a new light. Wonderful when I want to expand my self-awareness a bit.

5. Good Life Project (~60 minutes)

These consist of interviews of people in the self-improvement and happiness space. It’s a true dose of feeling good about yourself and how to live a life that feels great. The interviews always fuel my motivation for being a better Brighton; I’m so grateful for this podcast. Basically they show how to follow your dreams in a very non-cheesy way, and the easy conversation is pleasurable to listen to.

I want to encourage you to try some of these even if you’re not into the whole “self help” thing! I promise that you’ll get something out of them – just give them a shot.

What About You?

I LOVE these types of podcasts, so please share more if you’ve got any suggestions!


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