Lifestyle - December 28, 2018

What to Do for Yourself the Last Week of the Year

Hope y’all had a great Christmas wherever you spent it! I’m home in Baton Rouge before heading to Miami for a wedding and then back to Dallas, but finally back to the computer after some much needed time off.

This is one of those weird weeks where you still kinda feel in holiday mode but it’s a work week – and it’s also the final week of the year. I can never really decide how I feel on resolutions or goals, but I do like the idea of making this week feel intentional. I usually don’t have a ton of motivation or focus (which after 20 something years I just know about myself), so I plan it around that. I think of it as the last week of the year, but also a week to set up for the first week of the year – when I’m usually back at home working and feeling more energized slash motivated.

If you’re still in a holiday daze but know you want to intentionally set yourself up for the first week of the year, here are some ideas to consider!


Like I mentioned above, I’m usually in a daze this week. I’m in a food coma from all the holiday food, usually still in Baton Rouge, am exhausted from all the gift guides, and want to do seriously nothing. So instead of feeling bad about that or forcing myself to miss a week I like to savor, I relax (or at least try, which is hard with Brighton Brain sometimes TBH). I suggest doing the same! Even if you have to go back to work the day after Xmas, don’t make plans after work and take it easy. Catch up on sleep, watch some movies (just watched Bird Box over here #stressful but good woah), and let the holiday daze naturally wear off.

Go for walks

It’s really really hard for me to workout this week, I know this. Even though I usually have a goal to workout more in the new year or whatever, this week is freaking hard to hit the gym. Like NO. My family loves going for walks and I think they’re a great happy medium. You’re not doing some brutal workout but you’re also moving your body (and not feeling horrible about yourself all week). Plus, I like listening to podcasts and getting slowly  motivated for my new year goals.

Get motivated

Speaking of getting motivated, I think of this week as a good week to get inspired! Listen to podcasts that pump you up. Read a new book that focuses on something you might like to tackle in the new year. Watch or listen to TED talks, etc. Head to a coffee shop and read inspiring blogs and websites or those articles you bookmarked months ago – this is seriously my favorite thing to do! While you don’t need to put anything into action this week, it’s smart to mentally prep for it. This way when you go to start getting things done or writing goals next week, you won’t be totally lost.

Choose a planner

By this week, I suggest choosing and buying a planner or two that you’ll use for the new year. Maybe one that’s more motivating and goal-oriented and one that you can use for your weekly/monthly plans. Here are all my faves if you’re not sure where to start!


This is a nice week to do a mini end-of-year cleaning. I like to donate anything that won’t serve me in the new year or that I’m not using anymore. It feels so freaking good going into the year with only things you love in your house and I also like to do a deep clean the day before New Year’s (or to hire someone to). Again, this is more prep to open up the first week of the year for all the planning and motivation.

Have doses of health

Basically like the other items on this list, this is all about balance. If I keep eating cookies and unhealthy foods all week, I’ll feel real bad physically and mentally for next week – which isn’t fun. Plus my body usually needs some greens and veggies by this time in the month. Try to have a couple healthy meals and snacks each day and drink all the water – it really helps!

Do a self assessment (or at least start thinking of one)

I’m sharing an updated version of this post next but if y’all haven’t read it yet, PLEASE DO! I put so much effort into this post and I’m truly proud of it and how helpful I believe it can be. I find these kinds of self-assessments SO very helpful to do at least once a year – especially to start. It’s a good place to start if your brain is in a million places and you’re having trouble finding focus or purpose. Hope it helps and that you like the download (I’d def recommend printing it out to get the full effect).