Shopping - March 12, 2019

Spring Capsule Wardrobe (Budget-friendly options)

black cropped flares striped tee blue denim jacket white slides 1
black cropped flares striped tee blue denim jacket white slides 1

We are 2 weeks into the BTD Spring Capsule wardrobe and I thought it’d be fun to pull together some of the items at different price points. Plus, I asked y’all on Instagram if that’s something you’d like to see and everyone seemed to be in agreement that you’d appreciate a round up of capsule items at budget-friendly items.

I tend to shop at the same places (Nordstrom, Madewell, Shopbop), so it was fun to switch things up a bit and check out some other retailers. Because I know it’s nice to have alternative options. Plus, a lot of the denim I picked out was pretty expensive, so I wanted to provide more budget-friendly options for y’all! Maybe next season I can actually order some of these more budget-friendly items and try them on for you as well. Let me know in the comments below if that’s something you’d appreciate or enjoy. And also, if you have any spots I need to check out.

Before diving into budget-friendly options, I wanted to share this image from the original capsule to see what I was using as a my starting point when looking for similar items. For styling tips, be sure to check out my IG highlight – where I show you how to style the items multiple ways!


Chambray button-up – here’s a similar one from Forever 21 for $22! But I think a good chambray top is definitely one investing in – I’ve had mine from J.crew for almost 6 years and it’s still going strong!

White tee – found a similar crewneck white tee option from H&M for under $5.

Striped tee – found a similar one from H&M for under $5 if you want to check that one out. Although the one in the original capsule wasn’t too terribly priced at $28! Plus it comes in a lot of colors and options.

White button-up – it’s not literally a button-up but it was TOO GREAT not to share and is such a good basic simple white (dressier) top for $30. 

Printed camisole – this one ($15) is striped and really cute from Forever 21. I like the colors!

Neutral-Printed Top – found a sleeveless printed top at Nordstrom Rack for under $20. And also like this black and white striped button-up from Forever 21 for $15.

Accent Color Printed Top – I searched for a similar blue-printed top, but I couldn’t find anything I really liked. I did however notice that the top I featured in the original capsule is 40% off right now if you wanted to snag it on sale for $29!

Accent Color Printed Top – I couldn’t find another pink printed top that I loved! Let me know if you find one that’s similar? The reason I picked a pink top is because I love how it pairs with the other blue tones and colors in the capsule.


Layering Pieces

Cropped cardigan – this one is really cute from H&M for $34.

Denim jacket – I think a good (cute, well-fitting) denim jacket is something worth investing in, but if you’re looking for something less expensive then I found this one for $24!

Colored cardigan – found one almost identical for under $25 here!

Neutral moto jacket – here’s another option for under $80.



Black Wide-Leg Pants – found a similar, flowy pair like the Madewell ones but they’re from ASOS and are $34!

Black Flared, Cropped Jeans. – found a pair from Nordstrom Rack and then another options from ASOS.

Black Skinny Jeans – I’ve heard these black skinny jeans from Asos ($27) are GREAT! And here’s another pair from Forever 21.

Dark Wash Skinny Blue Jeans – here’s a pair for under $30 with a similar wash to the ones I featured in the capsule wardrobe post.

Light Wash, Cropped Jeans – found a similar wash from Banana Republic for $130. I’ve never tried their denim, have you?

White Jeans – speaking of Banana, here’s a cute pair of white jeans from there as well!


For shoes, I felt like the options selected for the original capsule were priced really well. Let me know if you’d still like more options and I’d be happy to find some for you! But I’ll go ahead and link the ones I originally found again for y’all! But speaking of, I did find this really cute peep toe bootie ($34) from Forever 21 that was too cute not to share!

Did you find this helpful?! I’d love to know your thoughts and how I can better serve you and help you look and feel your best this Spring while also keeping in mind your budget!


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