Motherhood - June 1, 2022

Products I’m Loving This Pregnancy

brighton butler pregnancy essentials

It’s so interesting being pregnant for the second time. In a lot of ways, it’s easier because I know what to expect, but it’s also been harder in many ways too. One thing that’s been funny to me is how minimal my pregnancy products have been.

During my first pregnancy, I was constantly researching the best products to have during pregnancy, and this time, I’ve stuck with some of my favorites from last pregnancy and added a few more — but it’s nothing like the first time around.

With that said, these products have helped make pregnancy a little better, so I wanted to share them with you. Whether you’re pregnant for the first time or on your second or third go-around, hopefully, some of these will be helpful for you too!

brighton butler pregnancy essentials


Bike Shorts

For the first several months of my pregnancy, I was able to wear my favorite lululemon Align bike shorts or this pair from Amazon (only $18!) that was in my regular rotation. But once the belly started to make an appearance, I felt much more comfortable in maternity bike shorts. I found this pair from Beyond Yoga and can’t say enough good things about them.

Beyond Yoga

Bike Shorts

I love that these shorts cover my entire bump instead of cutting off halfway like others I’ve tried. I wear a size small and it accommodates my growing bump perfectly!

Hatch Belly Oil

I tried several different belly oils during my first pregnancy and ended up using the Bio-Oil Skincare Oil. It worked great for me, but I wanted to try something different this pregnancy and had heard really good things about the HATCH Mama belly oil. It costs a bit more but it feels like a really high-quality oil that lasts forever. I’ve been using the same bottle since getting pregnant and I’m not even halfway through! I also have several friends who are pregnant now or have recently been pregnant and they all swear by this.


Belly Oil

This has been my favorite new find this pregnancy for sure. I sampled several different belly oils last pregnancy and never found one I truly LOVED. After getting the HATCH Mama belly oil recommended to me by several friends, I decided to give it a try and it’s as great as they say.

Ritual Prenatal Vitamins

I’ve been taking Ritual vitamins forever, so I knew I would use their prenatal vitamin as soon as I got pregnant again. I usually take the Multivitamin 18+ but switched to the Prenatal Multivitamin during pregnancy. These don’t make me sick (a lot of vitamins I’ve tried in the past did!) and I don’t hate the way they taste like I have with other vitamins. 10/10 recommend! Be sure to use code BRIGHTON20!


Prenatal Vitamins

I’ve been a Ritual lover for a long time now, so I had no doubt I’d use their prenatal vitamins whenever I got pregnant again. Sometimes it’s hard for me to take because I’m nauseous, but the lemon flavor helps! They also have a postpartum pill for after baby comes. My Ritual code is BRIGHTON20.

Ginger Chews

These were an absolute life-saver for me during the first trimester (let’s be honest, they’re still saving me daily). I’ve experienced horrible morning sickness this pregnancy and tried all kinds of home remedies to feel better. These preggie pops also helped some, but I found that the ginger chews were definitely the most helpful.


Ginger Chews

I’ve had HORRIBLE nausea this pregnancy. It wasn’t great with Four, but this time it’s even worse. I tried several different home remedies for nausea, and the ginger chews worked the best by far. Highly recommend these if you’re struggling with morning sickness.

Align Leggings

If you’ve followed me for any time now, you know the Align leggings are my ride-or-die pants. During pregnancy, I really only want to wear loose dresses or workout clothes, so my lulu leggings are perfect. I usually size up to accommodate the growing bump, and eventually, I will need to switch to maternity leggings (these were my go-to pair during my first pregnancy).


Align Leggings

I love the Align leggings when I’m not pregnant, and when I’m pregnant, they’re an absolute MUST. I usually have to move onto maternity leggings towards the end of the second trimester, but these lulu leggings are everything for the first half of pregnancy!

Pregnancy Pillow

I haven’t started using a pregnancy pillow yet, but by the third trimester, this will be the only way I’ll be able to sleep. I prefer the C-shape pillow because it curves with my body better than some of the other shapes out there. If I start feeling uncomfortable at night right now, I’ll just sleep with a pillow between my legs and that has really helped. But I know from experience, the pregnancy pillow will be a must here soon.


C-Shape Maternity Pillow

I reserve this for my third trimester once sleep becomes even harder to come by, but the pregnancy pillow is a life-saver. Towards the end of pregnancy, it gets so difficult to get a good night’s sleep, but I found that a good pillow can help me get in a comfortable position that lets me sleep better.

Everyday & Sports Bra

A supportive bra is SO important during pregnancy. My cup size goes up significantly during pregnancy and while I’m breastfeeding, plus everything is just more uncomfortable, so I just need something that will keep everything in place whether I’m working out or just hanging around the house. I’ve shared the True Body bras forever and wear them when I’m not pregnant too — they’re the best I’ve found! This bra from lululemon is also SO GOOD and one of the most supportive options I’ve found. It’s great for working out.

True Body

Comfy Bras

When I’m pregnant, comfortable and supportive bras are a MUST. My cup size goes up significantly during this time, so I need a bra that can keep everything in place. I’ll pretty much not work out unless I have a good sports bra — it’s just too uncomfortable otherwise!

Vintner’s Daughter Skincare Products

This brand has been one of my favorites for a long time and I’m so thankful it’s pregnancy-safe. I use both the Active Treatment and the Botanical Serum and LOVE how they make my skin feel. I notice such a difference when I’m using these versus when I’ve stopped for various reasons. You can read my full review on Vintner’s Daughter here.

Vintner's Daughter

Active Botanical Serum

I’ve been using Vintner’s Daughter for as long as I can remember. I was thrilled to find out they’re safe for pregnancy so I didn’t have to change things up in terms of my skincare. I use the Active Treatment and Botanical Serum and love them both so much!

Lake Pajamas

There are few things better than comfy pajamas during pregnancy and postpartum. They’re also so nice to have during your hospital stay when all you want to do is relax and be comfortable. I wear my Lake Pajamas every night, so I knew I needed a maternity set to wear during pregnancy too. I bought this set in several different colors so I would always have some available at night. Trust me, once you try these, you’ll never want to wear anything else to bed!


Maternity Pajamas

These pajamas feel like butter on my skin. I wear the non-maternity sets whenever I’m not pregnant, so I decided to get a few maternity sets to get me through these 9 months. They honestly make me feel excited to go sleep at night because I look forward to putting them on! I wear a size small.

Heating Pad

This heating pad was a game-changer in my first pregnancy, so I’ve brought it back for round two. Like a lot of women, I get really bad back pain during pregnancy, and sometimes this is the only thing that will give me relief! I also notice that during pregnancy, I hold a lot more tension in my neck and shoulders, so I’ll also use it there. Even if you don’t have a lot of pain when you’re pregnant, this pad just feels nice after a long day.


Heating Pad

During pregnancy, I get really bad back pain. I will use a foam roller sometimes to help alleviate the pain, but honestly, this heating pad is sometimes the only thing that will give me relief. I also use it on my neck and shoulders and it makes all the difference in the world!