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how to pack jewelry for travel

how to organize your jewelry brighton the day_

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How To Pack Jewelry For Travel

Aside from narrowing down how many outfits I actually need and limiting the pairs of shoes I bring, organizing and figuring out just how to organize all  my accessories is the next biggest struggle for me. Of all my accessories though – ranging from scarves to hats and bags – the hardest to pack (in my opinion) is jewelry! Through lots of trial and error and tips from friends too, I’ve come up with a list of tips to keep in mind when organizing your jewelry for travel.

So let’s get right to it! Here are a few of my tips and tricks for how to best organize and pack jewelry for travel. Also, let me know if you have anything to add, I would love to hear how YOU pack your jewelry when jet-setting!

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ABOVE: Kendra Scott Jewelry Organizer (Large)

1. Actually Plan Your Outfits & Coordinating Accessories

Not only will this help you maximize the jewelry that do you end brining, but it will help you avoid overpacking. I used to just throw stuff in a suitcase and bring ALL my jewelry (or way too much of it) and then I found that I ended up only wearing a few pieces – the ones that actually went with the clothes I was bringing. I know it’s a pain to plan all your outfits out ahead of time, but trust me that it will make packing SO MUCH better! And plus, you won’t have to worry about putting stuff together while enjoying your trip!

When it comes to the jewelry that you wear everyday (like rings and watches), I would pick one set and stick to it for the entire trip. Do you really need your gold watch AND your silver one? Probably not :) Choose one and commit to wearing just those throughout your stay.

I would limit the number of statement necklaces you bring – are you really going to wear more than one or two statement-necklace outfits? They’re really heavy and often dictate an outfit, so you want to make sure you’ve got something planned to wear with it if you’re going to throw it in your suitcase!

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2. Invest in a Good Jewelry Organizer

I’ve used several different types over the years and have had this Kendra Scott one on my wish list for months now! I finally got it for my Italy trip and I’m loving it so far :) In the past, I’ve used the Vera Bradley toiletries bag (but I just found this new organizer that  looks amazing!) but found that all my baubles got a little jumbled since there wasn’t any type of special jewelry-specific organization within the zipped compartments. I love how the KS one has the earring organizer and ring holder included AND how it’s all clear (rather than opaque or fabric) so you can easily see your available baubles.

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3. Take A Photo Of Everything You’re Bringing

Most of the time, I’ll lay out all my jewelry I plan on bringing (usually as I’m planning my outfits) and then take a photo before I start organizing and packing it. This way, I’ll know exactly what I’ve got packed and can refer to it when getting dressed and/or planning additional outfits on the go (without having to pull it all out). Also, it is nice to have so you can make sure you bring everything back!

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ABOVE: colorful tassel bracelet set + Gorjana gold circle necklace

4. Use Little Plastic Baggies

One of the best storage techniques I actually use (and fine to work super well) is to organize my delicate jewelry into plastic bags. This has worked super well for me and helps me keep everything from getting tangled! I also typically end up using plastic bags for just about everything from earring to even bracelet sets and chunkier necklaces at times!

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5. Use Straws to Organize Long Delicate Necklaces

If you’re bringing several different delicate necklaces, I would suggest using straws to keep them detangled. You could also put them each in separate little plastic bags, but even then (and depending on how long it is) they can still get tangled within themselves!

6. Get Creative & Try Different Home-Made Storage Gadgets

I’ve never tried it, but I’ve seen people use buttons to keep earring together. I think that’s brilliant! I usually just keep the little piece of cardboard that the earrings tend to come on OR I’ll put my earring in little tiny plastic bags if I’m not including them in the earring organizer. Additionally, I’ve seen that those daily pill containers are great for organizing individual necklaces and earring sets so they’re also worth considering!

So tell me! How do YOU organize your baubles when traveling?! Please DO share friends!