Beauty - August 27, 2015

Hair Products: Volume and Texture

how to grt hair volume and texture

I’m always changing up my hair products and trying new things. I don’t really think there are any MAJOR game-changers when it comes to finding the perfect balance of volume and texture. Rather, I think it’s just a more of a combination of products – mixing in a bunch of things until you find the look you like and the products that work best with YOUR hair.

And honestly, I’m constantly switching it up and trying new things, but I guess the main constant is that I ALWAYS have some kind of product in my hair. ALWAYS. Because without it, my hair is silky and smooth and just straight up boring and ewww – can’t do anything with silky smooth hair (it just lies flat and blah).

Before we start talking about these products, I think you should embrace the power in using a round brush and a legit blow dryer (with one of those skinny things on the head of it – like at the salon). because at least for me personally, it wasn’t until I started doing this (round brushing my hair with a blow dryer NOT from walgreens), that I started to understand the science of adding volume and texture to my hair.

So first things first, get yourself a legit blow dryer and a decent round brush. Just trust me on this one – you need it. Currently, I’m using this T3 travel-sized dryer as my go-to (love how small it is!) as well as this round brush I got at Ulta.

So let’s get to it! I’ve made a fun little video for you guys to help explain how I use all the products I included in the instagram photo above. Let me know your thoughts and if you have any more questions! I’m happy to answer and help in any way that I can – after all, that’s why I filmed this video in the first place ;)

Videography by Carley White

Products Used in Video:


Aveda Volumizing Tonic

Aveda Pure Abundance Style Prep

BLOW-DRYING TOOLS:  T3 travel-sized dryer + Olivia Gardens Round Brush + Large Velcro Rollers


Moroccan Oil Strong Hold Hairspray – probably my favorite hairspray right now (aside from all time favorite ‘air control’ by Aveda) because it adds just the right amount of texture and doesn’t make my hair feel sticky.

Oribe Dry Texturing Spray – this stuff is AMAZING. It’s so expensive but VERY worth it. I’m obsessed. This stuff gives me exactly the kind of texture I love and literally rocks my world.

Big Sexy Hair Powder Play – I’ve been using this for a long time because it just gets the job done. I’ll put a little bit in my roots when I’m teasing my hair or sometimes just sprinkle it all over when curling my hair because it gives it a little extra ‘GRIT’ (if that’s a thing?) that helps hold the curl.


Products Not in Video, but LOVE

Unite Expandable Dust Texturizing Powder – I recently discovered this stuff within the last year and it doesn’t basically the same thing as the Big Sexy Hair Powder Play but I think it’s a little more intense. I found out about it when getting an up-do for a mardi gras ball – they used it to give my hair texture to hold the teasing and styling of the hairstyle. I use it now just on my bang area surrounding my face when I want a side swoop (like a curl away from my face) and I don’t wan to tuck it behind my ear – if that makes sense?

Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo – JUST started using this and I LOVE LOVE it – it not only soaks up the oils in my roots but also adds texture and smells good. It’s my favorite dry shampoo right now.

Bumble & Bumble Dry Spun Finish – I like to add this stuff when I want a little texture but nothing too intense (I’ll spray it all over my hair before curling it or even just after I blow dry it to get rid of humid frizz) and then sometimes I’ll spray it just on my roots after putting velcro curlers in my hair to help the “lift” set (I use LARGE velcro curlers sometimes to lift my roots).

Tresemme Dry Shampoo – Love the Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo more but sometimes mix it with this stuff since it’s cheaper and from a drug store. I think it’s the best dry shampoo that you can get at a walgreens/CVS and I love how powder-y it is – because it just soaks up all that grease (ha!) and adds thickness that enables volume too (if that makes sense?!)

Other Products Pictured: Acrylic Organizer Storage Bin // faded short-sleeved tee // gold wall urchin // YSL Lip Stain