Faith - October 4, 2016

Best Christian podcasts From Team BTD

Do you remember this post where I shared some of my personal favorite faith-based podcasts and let y’all know that there was more to come? I haven’t forgotten about it! I’ve done a bunch of research, listened to tons of new podcasts, and have written down each recommended podcast you guys sent. (Thanks so much for all your feedback, by the way!)

The podcast world is HUGE, and there are literally thousands of them out there. It can actually be pretty overwhelming, and that’s part of the reason I wanted to start focusing on podcast posts. I’ve taken your recommendations and listed to them all, and I broke them down into about 5 sections. In order NOT to overwhelm you guys, I’ll be dedicating a handful of future posts to each podcast theme. Per theme, I’ll list about 5 podcasts that I love and will share a description about them. I’m hoping that by doing this, you guys can tune into the ones that sound most appealing to you personally! I know that there are times when I only have time for a 20-min podcast, or I’m feeling a certain theme, so I hope y’all can come back to these posts during your podcast search!

Also, I don’t know about the data on your phone, but unfortunately podcasts take up a lot of space. I like to keep a list of my favorites on my phone and search for one I’m feeling instead of subscribing to them all via iTunes to save space. Because of that, I’ll add in a little table at the end of each post that you can screenshot and save to your phone!

In my last podcast post, I broke down MY personal favorite Christian podcasts, but now I want to share what y’all share with me – aka YOUR favorites!

The other (podcast) themes will be coming out soon! I LOVED getting the recs for all the podcasts, but the faith-based ones were my personal favorite. There are just so many people using podcasts as a way to spread the gospel, and so many talented people at that. I really enjoyed hearing new voices and messages while listening to these. Y’all have good taste!

Top 5 Recommended Christian Podcasts

Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey (25-90 minutes)

This podcast produces laid-back interviews that are extremely easy to relate to and a pleasure to listen to. Jamie and her guests get into deep conversations about living out the Gospel every day, and her ideas are simple to incorporate. She’s very normal, which I admire in the online world. It feels like you’re sitting around talking to a girlfriend. Jamie, can we be friends?!

Influence Network (around 30 minutes)

This one is more of an “online community of women dedicated to making their online lives mean something: – which is so inspirational! I stole that description right from their iTunes profile because I loved it so much. These women laugh a lot, all the while giving encouragement and wisdom for the modern Christian woman. They are using the internet for good and for God’s glory, and I’m all about that!

Elevation Church (45-60 minutes)

This is cool because they provide podcasts, but you can also watch videos. Pastor Furtick delivers a challenging message each week but in a completely welcoming way. He makes me think! There’s always a relevant message. This is definitely more of a sermon-based podcast, and not as conversational, FYI.

Chris Cruz: Equip the Saints (20-60 min)

These podcasts are full of authentic displays of Christ. It’s very well conceived and produced, and he interviews lots of inspiring guests. One review described it as a “religious-free presentation of the Kingdom” which I thought was pretty fair. It’s a unique, fresh podcast in the Christian community!

The Briefing (around 20 minutes)

A perfect quick listen to keep you updated with what’s going on in the world through a faith-based lens. I love that the host, Albert Mohler Jr. talks about politics, news, morals, etc. all while thinking Biblical manner. I basically feel like I’m getting a lesson on current events and Christianity in the same 20 minutes.

That’s it! I hope this was helpful. Let me know your thoughts! Also, please leave a comment and share any other Christian podcasts. Just because I didn’t share it here doesn’t mean it’s not amazing, and I’d love for y’all to use this as a community to talk!