Fitness - April 20, 2018

BTD Q2 Playlist

Wanted to pop in to quickly share the BTD Q2 Playlist with y’all!

I get a lot of questions about what I’m listening to while working or on my long Brighton walks, so this list is more catered to that. I’ll try to get better about sharing the songs I’m listening to daily on Insta Stories (or BTD DAILY), but for now, hope you love this playlist! If y’all have any songs with a similar vibe, let me know in the comments! I’m all for ones that promote focus but aren’t downers or totally boring, ya know?

I also like to keep things interesting and it sort of drives me crazy when all my songs are of the same genre. So in all my work playlists, I like to mix it ALL up. This playlist is a little different than what I’ve usually got and I’m actually still listening to my playlist from Q1 as well! It takes me a bit of time to tire out on a playlist – anyone else?

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Happy listening!

BTD Q2 Playlist: