Style - August 9, 2016

August Updates + Instagram Lately

twist front shirt + statement earrings

Lush Twist Front Shirt // Articles of Society ‘Mya’ Jeans //  Ray-Ban Original Aviator // Baublebar ‘Penta’ Drop Earrings

I’ve Been In Full-Blown “Whatevs” Mode and I Don’t Hate It

The past few weeks have been so all over the place. I feel like I haven’t been as focused on work, but I think it’s a good thing. Actually, it feels pretty stinkin’ amazing. Granted, my instagram posts have kinda sucked (excuse my language), but I’ve been killin’ it on the “life” front (lol I’m totes joking but kinda not too). I’ve been so “whatevs” about my social media and “getting things done” and have been more focused on living my life and investing in the present. And I’ve got to say, it’s worth whatever consequences I might experience (or am already experiencing without a clue? lol) as a result (since my job is in fact social media….sort of).

Usually, it’s really hard for me to put things in perspective and take a step back. I tend to think things are a bigger deal than they are and put a lot of silly pressure on myself when it comes to my blog and being successful etc. So it’s actually been a bit of blessing that I’ve been able to “unplug” lately and say “whatever” more often than I usually do! I’m not really sure what happened (maybe I got a little burnt out or hit a wall or something?), but I don’t hate it. Does that ever happen to you? Do you ever just sort of “coast” or level out (for lack of better words) for a few weeks when it comes to work?

I’m just over here like (talking to the voices in my head saying) “hey, I still care and all but like let’s just chill for a hot second. there’s more to life. ok? great. peace out”. I’m sure eventually I’ll get kicked back into gear – it’s inevitable, right? I know how my crazy brain works and there’s a threshold/breaking point where I whip it back into high speed. But I’m enjoying this little ride while it lasts!

If you’ve been following along on social media, then you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been posting less and just haven’t really been as “in it” as I usually am. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t enjoy it (I do!). But there is something a little rebellious about hiding out  over here and just NOT posting. I’ve sort of been proving to myself that I’m not a slave to it and all the while realizing that I totally am – it’s a complicated relationship to say the least. And I’m not afraid to tell you that!

I think I go through phases – where sometimes I’m all about it and then I’m like so totally over it. I get like this about a lot of things (ahemmm eating healthy…ugh). Maybe that’s normal? but needless to say, I’ve been so not “about” it lately – and then add on the fact that the social media game is ALWAYS changing (e.g., insta algorithm, insta stories, etc.) Like, I can’t keep up (::rolls eyes::)

What’s In The Works?

A few weeks ago, I did a little “update” format on my BTD weekly and you all seemed to enjoy hearing about the status of things going on behind the scenes. So I figured I’d do that again! And plus, it keeps me in check and allows for y’all to weigh on what you really want to see (it motivates me to hear you’re excited or looking forward to things)

  • Snapchat bible study – yep, still on the back burner….I don’t know, I sort of just lost my mojo here. I need to really put some thought into this initiative this week and hopefully the Lord will fire me up again. or maybe you guys can help too?! lol that never hurts! Maybe let me know what you love seeing and things you really enjoy hearing about or would want to know more about!?
  • Banff city guide – DONE! I posted it last week! Did you catch it?!
  • Dallas Drinks City Guide – Done! I posted it a few weeks ago and it was a huge hit :) Thank y’all for all your kind words and suggestions!
  • Side braid tutorial – lulllzzzz on this one. I actually finished this last week, but now I watched it and I hate it. So I want to re-film it. Y’all, videos…I sort of hate them. But I totally messed up the sound on this one and I’m just NOT proud of it and although I invested SO MUCH time on this video (::rolls eyes::), I just can’t stand the thought of putting something out there I’m not totally happy with or proud of. you know?
  • Hair extensions – coming at ya within the week! I’m thinking maybe Saturday  but it might end up being Tuesday. Regardless, comment below with any questions you FOR SURE want to see answered.
  • Hair volume Tips – Post is done for the most part except I need to take a few tutorial or “how to” photos to illustrate what I’m talking about. I’m shooting photos this Friday and plan on publishing on Tuesday, August 23! So yahoooo – stay tuned!
  • The Best and most needed UNDERwear (bra’s, camisoles, etc.) – coming at ya Thursday, August 18! I’m going to ask yall to weigh in on snapchat but if you want to comment here, let me know if there are any particular concerns or pain points you want me to cover! Like, are you really having a hard time finding a good strapless bra? a certain specific type of camisole? Let me know so I can be sure to include and address your issue!
  • Highlands City Guide – coming at ya Friday, August 12th!

Recently on Instagram

And as per usual, I’ve got a little round up of what I’ve posted over the past 2 weeks. I used to do this “BTD WEEKLY” series every Monday, but I’ve been doing it less often now since I’m not posting as many instagrams (lol) but even still, I like to hear you feedback on whether or not you like these types of posts :) Especially since I’m still continuously updating the “instagram” updates over yonder.

lush black tank + denim shorts + statement necklace

I love this little tank (and the price! #duh). I have in it in 4 colors and it’s such an easy and transitional staple that’s easy to style casual or dressy and can also be worn to work or play. I highly recommend it :) and if you recognize it, it’s because I wear it ALL the time!

Lush Side Slit Tank // Baublebar ‘Dreamcatcher’ Necklace (on sale!) // BlankNYC  Denim Shorts // 3.1 Philip Lim Mini Pashli

white tunic + jeans + wedges

A lot of people say this shirt concerns this or bothers them because it wrinkles easily, but I have zero problem with it. I don’t mind the wrinkles and actually have  this shirt in black, cobalt (see in this insta round up post), blush pink (see in this outfit post) and coral (see in this round up post) as well. Obviously, I LOVE it! It’s a great LENGTH and is easy to throw on (obvi if I own it since that’s all I buy…)

Pleione Split Neck Tunic // Articles of Society ‘Mya’ Jeans // Steve Madden Wedges // Baublebar ‘Rio’ Pendant Necklace

high-waisted denim, cutout black tank and plaid shirt tied around waist summer outfit

Express One Eleven Square Neck Tee // Express White & Black Plaid Shirt // Express Super High Rise Distressed Jeans // Express Faux Suede Heeled Sandal (color: Black)

striped swing dress + chambray shirt

Socialite High Neck Striped Dress // JCrew Chambray Shirt // Chloe Small ‘Drew’ Handbag // Lucky Brand Sandals

lace up blouse + distressed jeans

I wore this to travel to Atlanta last week and then kept it on for Friday night’s activities with the fam! My little sister turned 20 so we had a little birthday bash for her at our new house in Atlanta before heading to Highlands and Reynolds Plantation for the week (review posts on both coming at ya super soon – hopefully THIS week!)

Lush Lace Up Blouse // AG ‘The Legging’ Jeans // Splendid Dallis Wedge

sleeveless romper + lace up sandals

Hello cutest and easiest little travel outfit EVER! I wore this little romper (omg so comfy I could live in it!) to travel from Atlanta to Highlands (only a 2.5-ish drive) and then for the rest of the evening once we got to Highlands. My sister loved it so much she ordered it on the car ride for herself.

Stem Sleeveless Romper // Splendid Lace Up Sandals // Ray-Ban Original Aviator // Louis Vuitton Neverfull Tote

halter swing dress + block heel sandal

Dinner in Highlands at On The Verandah – Highlands city review coming soon (hopefully this week!)

Chelsea28 Halter Swing Dress // Baublebar White Earrings // Steve Madden ‘Carrson’ Sandal

zella crop top + sports bra + leggings

Zella Crop Top // Zella High Neck Sports Bra // Zella ‘Live in’ Legging // Zella Sport Socks // Nike Air Zoom Sneakers

crochet off the shoulder top + denim

Socialite Crochet Off The Shoulder Top (size up) //  AG ‘The Legging’ Jeans // Baublebar ‘Morocco’ Drop Earrings (sold out)

blue swing dress + cork wedges

….and then we came back to Atlanta for a night before heading off the Reynolds Plantation – aka the Ritz Carlton on Lake Oconee (again, review post coming ASAP!)

Lush Mixed Media Dress // BP. Summers Wedge // Nixon Square Face Watch // Baublebar Piñata Tassel Earrings

lush twist front shirt + distressed jean shorts

Lush Twist Front Shirt // One Teaspoon ‘Bad Seed’ Shorts // Chloe Medium ‘Marcie’ Bag


blue and white striped dress

Socialite Striped dress // Steve Madden Wedges // Chloe Medium ‘Marcie’ Bag

Speaking of Highlands and such, did you catch my blog post on 5 outdoor workouts for your MIND and BODY from Friday?!