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White Fluffy Bedding + All White Decor

white bedding victorian bed
all white bed sheets and pillows

If you can’t tell, BEDS are are my mind! My move-in date is getting closer, and I can hardly wait! Yesterday afternoon, the mail man/guy had a special delivery just for me!! …which was my super soft goose down comforter I ordered a few weeks ago. It was an exciting moment…that ended with me playing with my “fluff” in the doorway and all the way up the stairs! haha. But that’s all I’ve got: a comforter.

There’s so much more to this big-white-fluffy-bed story.

white fluffy bedding

Now for the next steps. I’ll need to get some sheets and pillows, but what’s on my mind at the moment is the duvet cover. My mom recommended The Company Store, so I checked out what they had available in white. But there are WAY too many options! How does one choose? Could any of you lovely readers advise me on the best way to go about this decision? I already sort of invested in the comforter, so I was hoping not to break the bank on the cover, BUT it is my bed and where I’ll be spending lots of my time, so I don’t want to go cheap or anything.

My goal is to have a bed that literally looks like a cloud – one that’s all things irresistible, inviting, and fluffed out to the max. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

white bedding with canopy
Source: Traditional Home
better homes and gardens white bedding with canopy
Source: BHG

I’m also maybe considering a canopy of sorts. Maybe like the one in that last photo above? But that’s all still in the air!

Once I get all moved in such, I will for sure show you the end result (or the almost end result, as I imagine it will be a work-in-progress). But for now, all I’ve got is pretty pics of other white beds as inspiration! Any tips or suggestions? Which picture is your favorite?

Shop the latest in white bedding over at Nordstrom here!

UPDATE – check out a few sneak peeks into my new orleans home in this post and my dallas home in this post!

images via: 1 / 2 / 3 / Lonny / 4 / 5 // Traditional Home // BHG