Shopping - May 1, 2020

What I’ve Been Wearing in TikTok Dances

Even if you’re not into my TikTok dances, you can’t deny cute activewear, right?! I’ve been TikTok-ing (is that a word? LOL) slash dancing for a few months now and I’m OBSESSED, but man does it get me sweaty! This means I have to pull out all my favorite activewear and y’all have had lots of questions about my go-to’s. It’s probably been at least a month or so since I bought most of this so a few items are low in stock or my exact color isn’t available anymore, but I wanted to link the ones I’m getting asked about most!

And PS – if you haven’t tried TikTok yet or even just dancing for fun in your living room – DO IT! It’s getting me through this quarantine TBH.