Lifestyle - March 17, 2022

What I’m Putting In Four’s Easter Basket

I have to admit, I did not think I’d get so into putting together an Easter basket for Four, but I’ve had SO much fun finding cute goodies. Since Four was so little last year, I didn’t really do much for the holiday. This year, however, he’s a year old and at the perfect age to enjoy some really fun items inside his basket.

Whenever I’m shopping for Four, whether it be for Christmas, Easter, or his birthday, I love to see what other people with kiddos around the same age are buying. My friend Katey is my go-to when it comes to things like holiday decorations and goodies for the little ones. She’s seriously a master at this stuff (I’m telling you, mom goals).

This year, I opted for a variety of items that I think Four will want and need. I found these adorable Easter basket liners from Pottery Barn that you can get personalized. You do have to buy the basket separately, but they’ve also got a huge selection of Easter baskets (this basket is my favorite).

I shared this golf club crochet playsuit on stories recently but how cute!? I love the detailed stitching around the collar. These Burt’s Bees pajamas are also so sweet and perfect for an Easter basket. We love everything Burt’s Bees because it’s SO soft.

Although Four is still pretty young, I also included a few toys he can enjoy now like these Beeswax crayons and this sweet stuffed bunny (from one of my favorite children’s stores in Dallas called The Tot, local mamas). Then, of course, I added a couple of books and some snacks that he can eat now.

For me, it’s all about finding a combination of practical items (like pajamas and snacks) and things that feel like a treat (books, toys, etc.). I’d love to see your Easter baskets once you get them put together. I’m always looking for new ideas and fun brands to shop for Four!