Faith - December 23, 2015

What Does Faith Mean To Me?


Reading through some of my old insta posts, and thought this was one worth sharing again. I hope to somehow fit sharing my faith into my BTD business plan for 2016 ? bc I kinda miss the crazy scary feeling of that (terrifying) ‘nakedness’ – coming out from behind the (blogger) curtain and letting myself feel the sting (and thrill) of spontaneity and vulnerability.

I miss that. In a weird way.

Maybe it’s a tug on my heart, maybe not. Maybe it’s me feeling a little overwhelmed with all this big kid business stuff I’ve been dealing with lately (trying to grow up and act like a professional #ITshard) or maybe I’m just having a moment. Regardless, here goes it

FAITH. What does it mean to me?

It’s not something I think about on Sundays. Or that I “do” on Holidays. It’s not something I call on when life gets hard or when faced with death. Quite the contrary, actually.

It’s my every day. My identity. Behind every decision and fueling every move I make.

My faith is literally my life; and it’s going to “show” no matter which way you look at me. I’m a christian; and I live my life for Christ. I don’t compartmentalize my faith or keep separate from other areas of my life.

I don’t hide it because I can’t. Like salt in water, my faith permeates through all parts of my life.

And although I will claim these things until the day I die, I must (reluctantly) admit that the struggle is continuous.

Literally – every single day. I’m a normal girl, with normal desires and dreams.

I want to be successful, have nice things and live a “comfortable” life just as much as any other girl. I want to be skinny and pretty and have a princess wedding ??. I get jealous and Feel like I’m not enough – or inadequate in ways. I want a big family and a well-decorated house. I could go on

But even still, I don’t want any of it at the expense of what I have in Christ. My desire to know and live for Him will always (eventually, maybe I’ll be kicking and screaming ?) prevail – no matter what

Love the Lord your God with ALL your heart and with ALL your soul and with ALL your mind and with ALL your strength.
-Mark 12:30