Shopping - April 11, 2013


floral frenzy

1. The Sidewalk Skimmer in Floral Printer by Madewell ($82) // 2. Wind in the Willows floral print top ($40) // 3. House of Holland long sleeve dress in pom pom floral ($230) // 4. Spider Floral Jumper ($120) // 5. CHASER tropical print top ($62) // 6. MINK PINK distant traveler tunic dress ($88) // 7. Floral calf skirt ($96)

The floral trend has been on the scene for a while now, but it’s looking like this one’s here to stay, at least for a while. I’m especially loving the head-to-toe floral print look – whether it’s all matching or mix matched. It’s fun, bright, and is definitely a trend that can be incorporated without going shopping or breaking the bank. I mean, don’t we all have some kind of floral piece hanging in our closets? And if not, there are zillions of options and your mother’s closet is one of them…(maybe? you might have to get a little creative though…haha)

image credit: fashion magazine