Faith - November 14, 2015

Paris Attacks // Psalm 37


Psalm 37:7-11

It’s times like these and tragedies like this one that make our longing for eternity all the more real, reminding us just how broken this world is that we live in.

Meditating on psalm 37 this morning as I #prayforparis and to be completely honest, it’s hard. It’s hard to grasp some of these promises. but then again, this ultimately reminds me how much I NEED to meditate on them and ask for help in believing and trusting in them.

With so much brokenness and loss, it’s hard not to feel fearful and not to fret (as the passage commands). It’s hard to trust and it’s hard to have faith. It’s hard to believe that “in just a little while, the wicked will be no more” and that “evildoers shall be cut off

BUT even still, we must CHOOSE to trust in the Lord. And choose to believe and be comforted by the promises of His word

There WILL be a day where knowledge of His glory will fill the earth as the waters cover the sea (Hab 2:14) and perfect peace will replace every expression of evil. Really, there will be. Despite how hard it is to fathom sometimes, I believe it

But until that day, we must lean into this hope that we claim and truly trust that our prayers (today, specifically for Paris) will be heard and that one day there will be no more evil

This morning I am on my knees earnestly asking for a peace and hope over Paris that transcends all understanding