Style - September 5, 2019

The Trends I’m Liking For Fall 2019

FALL IS COMING Y’ALL!!! I actually think it’s funny we all get SO excited and at least here in Dallas, it definitely feels like summer for at least another month or two, but it’s still so fun to start the fall shopping after Labor Day. It’s like a switch goes off and stores change over and all of a sudden it’s fall-everything. And I’m here for it, always!

I’m actually really excited about this year because TBH fall last year didn’t totally do it for me – there were a lot of trends I wasn’t into. This year we’re seeing things that better suite my style so I’m pumped to be shopping! Side note – I think it’s important to remember that – that you won’t like all trends and you don’t NEED to! Pick the ones that feel true to you (or a little outside your box) and then skip the rest. You can definitely try trends via accessories and such but stick to the classics if that’s your thing. The list of trends below is definitely a mix of classic and trendy – I’m taking what I like from all the trending things and mixing with my regular style.

Also, I don’t want to overwhelm y’all with TOO many items so I just picked my absolute favorites to showcase, k? Let’s get into it!

Fall 2019 Trends: Vibes

Let’s start with the overall VIBES before we break down each trend. I think of this as the mood board of the season – overall what it feels like and what I’m noting from the trends I like.

Warm colors

Think marigold, rust, burnt orange, browns, and tans, etc. From head to toe, this is definitely the vibe when it comes to color! Not groundbreaking for fall, but we don’t’ always see so much orange/yellow/red as we are now.

The 90s mixed with 70s

I’ve very excited about this combination! I don’t wear a ton of 70s style stuff but I’m loving the peasant and flowyness that we’re seeing from this decade. You’ll also notice a lot of belted stuff – blazers, suits, dresses, etc., which is very 70s. The boots and coats feel very 70s as well.

And then we have the 90s which is fun because it’s a decade I lived through. You’ll really see the 90s in the pants (especially denim), in some statement silhouettes, and in all accessories!

Animal print

I had to mention this on its own because it’s probably the biggest trend of the season and I LOVE IT! We’ve already been seeing leopard for a while but you’ll notice snakeskin and embossed croc in a major way this season! PS in case y’all missed it, I covered how to style animal print in the office here.

Fall 2019 Trends: Clothing

Coats + Jackets: Cape style, long coats, plaid, shearling, cropped staples like denim jackets and corduroy is happening too (again, the 90s everywhere!)

Tops: Statement shoulders, textures sweaters, satin and peasant style.

Dresses: Warm colors and peasant style 100% and I’m actually very into the look! Love them paired with booties and a belt. I’m sharing my favorite fall dresses for weddings soon as well so stay tuned!

Pants: Trousers, high-rise, wide legs, and cropped denim. Trousers are huge this fall but I’m mainly a denim girl TBH. For y’all who have office jobs though, definitely make your way through paper bag pants and wide-legged trousers (Mango and H&M have a bunch for good prices).

Combinations: Slip dresses/skirts + sweaters. This is a really cute combo that I’ll be styling soon! Love how you can re-wear a skirt or dress and basically make it wearable for fall and winter. Cute with sneakers, mules, or booties!

Fall 2019 Trends: Accessories

Bags: Small, structured bags, animal print, bucket bags and even mini backpacks (so 90s and actually so convenient!)

Jewelry: Chic earrings! Drop earrings, lots of gold – and big. I already did a post of some favorites so I’ll just link it here!

Boots + shoes: Mid-calf boots are trending but I’m WAY too short for it! I’ll be sticking to my trusted booties which definitely have that 70s vibe happening and it’s all about the pointed toe.

Belts: As I mentioned above, belts are a thing this fall and they’re fun! Good way to wear a dress (belted with a chunky sweater) and I love the animal print belts and the Western-style still.