Style - May 29, 2019

The Salad I Can’t Stop Eating

Gonna keep this short & sweet – this salad is to die for y’all. It’s super simple and you probably have the ingredients to at least make the dressing in your kitchen right now! I love this salad too because it’s such a low-maintenance recipe – no crazy chopping skills or techniques required.

Salad Ingredients

– handful of arugula
– handful of baby spinach
– cherry tomatoes
– shaved parmesan cheese


It’s just a basic vinaigrette –  so mixing oil and vinegar. Throw all the ingredients into a bowl & whisk…boom you’re done. Keep tasting as you mix to adjust for more salt & pepper, vinegar or oil. It just depends how you like it!

– tablespoon of olive oil
– tablespoon of vinegar (your choice: balsamic, apple cider, white wine, red wine)
– garlic (you can buy pre-minced or if you’re feeling fancy you get mine it yourself)
– pinch of salt
– pinch of Italian herbs (you can buy this in the spice section of most grocery stores)
– LOTS of black pepper

So uncomplicated, right? This salad is super easy for me to throw together when I am not in the mood to think about cooking but want something fresh & delicious! Make it today & let me know what you think :)