What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

I get tons of questions about what to wear to a summer wedding, likely because it’s the most popular time for weddings. And honestly, it really depends on the type of wedding it is, but I do have some tips on summer wedding attire to share with y’all today. Then, we’ll get into what to wear to a summer wedding depending on the dress code, too. What to Wear to…


10 Tips For Surviving Wedding Season Solo

Ok y’all, let’s just address the elephant in the room and get it all on the table. WEDDING SEASON. It’s almost here and my fridge is filling up with invites. First, I just want to say that weddings are SO much fun and I absolutely love celebrating with my friends and family, or whoever it is that’s tying the knot. BUT. For us single folks, it can feel a touch…

What To Wear

What to Wear to A Fall Wedding

I've gotten a lot of questions lately regarding the ins-and-outs of what to wear to a Fall wedding. And rather than answering them all individually, I figured it might be helpful to whip up a blog post channeling all that I have to say about fall wedding attire. Fall is quickly becoming (if not already) one of the most popular times to get married. And personally, it's one of my favorite times of year to attend weddings. The weather down here in Texas can get so stinkin' hot in the Summer - October & November temperatures are pretty perfect and are way more favorable.


What to Wear to a Black Tie Wedding

I'm getting fancy on y'all today! For real though, I had so much fun putting together this post. I've talked about what to wear to weddings and wedding-related events before on BTD, but I've never done anything quite this glamorous when it comes to wedding attire - and I loved it. Plus, I've never dedicated an entire blog post to talking strictly about what to wear to a BLACK TIE wedding. So I thought it was about time to add this topic to the mix.


The Perfect Girly Dress for a Summer Wedding

Don't get me wrong, I totally love weddings - celebrating love with people they love, the food, the dancing, the decor, the dress! - but has anyone else noticed that they fully take over your (spring and) summer plans? It's a ton of fun, but I'm more so shocked that your twenties (and probably thirties?) are filled with all sorts of wedding-related events. I guess it's just not something I really thought about until the invites started taking over our fridge...and my desk too.


What To Wear To A Spring Semi-Formal Wedding

If I do say so myself, Spring weddings are the absolute best! In this article, we’ll discuss what to wear to a Spring wedding. We’ll be thinking through all the different aspects so that you can confidently select your look for your next Spring wedding! I think most of you would agree that Springtime is TOP wedding season. With Spring weddings having already started and wedding season in full swing,…