The BEST Spots for Dinner in Florence

Italy is one of those places I’ll never tire of visiting, and within Italy, Florence is one of my absolute favorite cities! But then again, how could anyone NOT love Florence? It’s AMAZING in so many ways. I don’t think I’ve ever actually shared this anywhere on the blog, but I actually lived in Florence for a summer with some of my girlfriends during college! We all took a cooking…


Capri City Guide

Y'all, I'm finally getting to my Capri guide! I posted about this Italy trip a while back, but had so much information that I wanted to share, hence this taking some time. Capri is a postcard destination and just as unbelievable as the Pinterest images. I did a LOT in my short time there, and I hope this guide helps for anyone planning a trip to Capri!


Checking In + Recently on Instagram

Hi there! As I'm sure you've probably noticed (or possibly not), I've taken a lot of time to myself these past few days. And although I didn't really deliberately plan to do so, it has been SO nice. I'll admit, it hasn't been easy. I mean, yes, it's easy to take a break from working. But it's difficult to do so in peace and wholeheartedly - if you know what I mean? But I think that comes with the territory of working for yourself. There's just something about being your own boss that makes it 100x harder to actually "walk away" and be totally okay with it. Or maybe that's just me? But I'd be willing to argue that most people struggle with this - even if you don't work for yourself.


Positano City Guide

I’ve been looking forward to writing this post ever since the moment I got back to the states from visiting the Amalfi Coast. I’m so excited to tell you all about my experience in Positano specifically, and spill all the details on all the things to see and do in Positano, Italy. It only takes ONE photo of the BEAUTIFUL city to get the city on your bucket list because let’s…


San Montano Resort & Spa Review // Ischia, Italy

Of all the places I visited during my most recent trip to Italy, Ischia is the spot that truly left me craving for more time. The island and all it’s wonderfulness was such a pleasant surprise and breath of fresh air. To be completely honest, I hadn’t even heard of Ischia before this trip. While planning and figuring out logistics of the trip, my room mate (who I met up…


Parco Dei Principi Hotel Review // Sorrento, Italy

During my time in Sorrento (2 nights) I stayed at Hotel Parco Dei Principi, which I found pretty last minute on Booking.com. I didn’t do much research for hotels in Sorrento, but this place looked nice – I was most excited about the views though! The hotel is located on the side of a cliff and the views are just UNREAL. Location Sorrento isn’t a very big town (which I love!),…