Shopping - June 11, 2020

Summertime Sandals to Grab Soon

Man oh man Denver is getting HOT and it feels like summer!! I have to say, it’s a different kind of hot than I was used to in Dallas – it’s not as humid, which I’m loving. I’m so excited to start getting out of the house a little more to explore and walk around our neighborhood and go on dates with Duncan. This of course means doing an evaluation of my summertime sandals and adding a few new pairs to my closet! Slides are super on trend this year so I found a ton of cute options for y’all including this snakeskin pair – so good, right?! And don’t forget to be sure you have a good pair of neutral wedges or espadrilles – they go with everything!

I hope wherever you’re at in the world you’re able to get outside, dress cute for the summertime heat and enjoy some nice weather! It’s the simple things like this right now giving D and I the most joy!