Style - June 21, 2019

Summer Bucket List 2019

Helloooo, summer! it’s officially the summer season, and I’d say it’s off to a fantastic start. Like I am ready to hit the pool, the beach, sit on restaurant patios, travel, sip fun drinks and just be outside! Which is why I wanted to put together a quick summer bucket list post! I wrote this summer bucket list post last year, which was pretty long and I feel like a lot of what I want to do this summer is very similar, but I figured an updated version/recap of some of the fun things I’ve already done would still be a neat post! So bring on the floaties and sunshine – it’s summertime! I hope this inspires you to make some fun plans this season!

1. Be active outside as much as possible – This is kind of broad statement, but I’m really challenging myself to be diligent about walking every day and spending more time outside being healthy. Outdoor concerts and having cocktails on patios is still amazing, but I’m trying to shift my focus a bit to being ACTIVE when I’m outside so hopefully I’ll be doing lots of walking, hiking and maybe even some biking?!

2. Relax in nature – In addition to wanting to be active outside, I also want to spend more of my downtime outside too. For example, reading in a hammock vs watching TV inside on the couch. Doesn’t that sound amazing?!

3. Cook something new with fresh ingredients – I’ve really stepped up my cooking game this year by making more meals at home and meal planning on Sundays so of course I want to continue this with fresh finds at the local farmers’ market!

4. Enjoy trips to 30A – This is a no-brainer for me and won’t be hard to do. If you’re headed to 30A this summer, be sure to check out my guide.

5. Explore locally – Sometimes I forget to be a tourist in my own town! Dallas is such a cool city and even though I’ve explored a lot of it, there’s so much more to do and see. You can find all my posts on Dallas here. My goal is to try and update a lot of my current Dallas posts as I try new places this summer! And if you’re out exploring ANY city this summer, check out my outfit guide for “summer in the city” looks!

6. Travel – I know of some these sound contradictory. Like I want to explore Dallas more but I also want to get out and travel. I think you can have a little of both! I’m heading to Portugal soon, so I’m kicking off my travel for the summer in a BIG way. If you have lots of fun travel on your summer itinerary, check out my posts on packing efficiently, carry-on essentials and tons of other travel-related posts here.

7. Have a summer picnic – Katie and I did this last summer (check it out here) and it was so much fun! I highly recommend grabbing some girlfriends, hitting up a grocery store and finding a cute park to post up at for a few hours.

8. Do a random act of kindness – I’m not sure what this is yet but I’d really like to do something unexpected this summer that makes someone I don’t even know smile.

9. Make a summer playlist – This was also on 2018’s bucket list, but you have to update your summer playlist every year! Here is my 2019 Q1 playlist and last year’s playlist for around this time. Any suggestions for what should be on this year’s summer version?!

10. Plan a special date night for the boy and me – I’m obviously planning on spending lots of time with #MysteryBoy already, but I want to put some thought into planning a special date night. Maybe something outside?! Stay tuned!

This is what I have for now! I really feel like this summer is going to be one of the best ones yet and I can’t wait to check all of these things off one by one!