Home - March 7, 2019

My Spring Cleaning Faves from Amazon

I think we can all relate to how AMAZING (and cathartic!) it feels to get organized and have a clean home, RIGHT? I mean with all this Marie Kondo-ing going around social media who isn’t jumping into their closets and pantries to get rid of items that don’t ‘spark joy’?! Also, with it being officially March, the spring season is upon us and we know that means the spring cleaning must begin…yay!

Y’all know I love a well-organized space and that means having a place for everything and if it doesn’t have a home, evaluating do I need this or should I make a home for it… I organized my pantryfridge and closet with some wonderful help in 2017 and y’all…it has made my life so much simpler – which you know I am always trying to do! Each of those organizational posts have specific items linked to help you make the most of your space, so today I thought I would include my faves as well as some new items that I am loving to help keep my home clean & organized.

Bottle Brush – I love the brush for cleaning water bottles and bottles that I am repurposing for oils or something else!

Robot Vacuum – Highest rated robot vacuum on the market! And you won’t believe that it’s under $200!

Reusable Food Bags – These washable ziplock baggies are super high quality for everything from throwing extra veggies in the fridge or a snack into your purse. Life. Savers.

Dish Drying Rack – If you get tired of having dishes pile up and then nowhere to put them when you are done washing – this rack is your new BFF. Place it right next to your sink (so the water drain can flow into your sink – WHAT?!) and wash those dishes and leave them to dry in this nifty little contraption. It comes with a wine glass drying rack too which is perfect for post-girls night (or date night) clean up.

Clear Organizing Bins – I have used these all throughout my home in my drawers for makeup as well as my pantry and fridge so I can see what I have and easily grab and go!

Hanging Organizers – You can use these hanging organizers in so many ways but my favorite is on the back of the pantry door to hang spices, cans or bags of baking items like raisins, chocolate chips and nuts!

Label Maker – I spoke and polled about this label maker on stories a few weeks back and it has become my new buddy. I literally am labeling and organizing everything in my house. It’s the best!

Velvet Hangers – Refresh your closet, after you get rid of the items that don’t spark joy and throw your clothes onto new hangers! I swear you will feel like you’re in a boutique the next time you go to pick out an outfit when all your hangers match and fit so much better than the plastic or dry cleaner metal ones, ugh!

Drying Rack – If I know have a small laundry room with not much space for hang drying – and I know you guys probably have next to no space in your city apartments! This drying rack that is easily storable (you just close the top & bottom legs) is perfect for a cramped living space and lets you actually DO laundry and not ruin items that need to be hang dried! Highly, highly recommend this guy!

Filing Box – Files. Ew, I know right!? You might be all digital, and if so – you go girl. But I know I have papers abounding in my home that I need to keep for the foreseeable future so I need to have somewhere for them to live. These little chic boxes help me keep my files organized and labeled for easy access when I do need to refer to them! Easily stackable too so you don’t have to deal with a whole filing cabinet! PRO TIP: Go through your files about twice a year and throw out old bills or whatever to keep a light load on your hands!