Faith - August 2, 2015

Being BRIGHT with BRIGHTON Video: Quiet Time

It took me a while to actually bring myself to press ‘record’ and film this video – for many reasons really. One of them being that I literally did not know my camera had a filming function/setting slash I didn’t know where to begin on that front. But also because I was a little iffy about publicly declaring my thoughts on something so personal and often kept filtered behind vague, happy-feeling blanket statements. You know what I mean?

And it’s not that I haven’t done this before – share scary things. Because if you’ve been following my blog & insta for more than  a month, then you’re well aware that this is not a first. I’ve talked about sticky-ish faith-based things before.

But then there’s something about making a video? Making videos is hard…and then making videos about a sticky subject – that’s like two ‘uncertains’ combined.

So yeah, I’ve been talking talking talking ABOUT doing this for forever and I’m so relieved and excited to finally be actually following through.

So anyway, here we go. I can’t wait to hear what y’all think and get your feed back. It’s pretty long, but I didn’t want it to be choppy – I just wanted it to be me…talking…to YOU (slash the camera ha)

Videography by Carley White (website coming soon)

(you can find these and more on my #beSTILLbeBRIGHT page over here:

Brown Leather Journal – I just got mine at Barnes & Noble; they always have GREAT journal options!

ESV Journaling Bible (the one I use with wide margins)

Moody Commentary – ok so #confessions…this is just one of the first ones I found on Amazon. I look around a little, BUT I probably should have done more research. Patience is hard for me…but it’s been great for me so far and has been an awesome resource to keep my scripture reading rich and exciting (might be a bit of a stretch, but i truly truly enjoy learning all the backstory and such)