Podcasts - June 2, 2017

Podcast Recommendation: Learning and Storytelling

brighton keller podcast recommendations

This is a fun theme, and one I’m starting to get more into when it comes to podcasts. They make me feel like a kid again! I love to read, and the list below basically makes me feel like I’m listening to a book on tape. The idea of learning while I’m doing a mundane task is so fun – especially if I’m driving or doing something boring. These pass the time so quickly and are incredibly interesting to me. It’s like being in school but only learning about the coolest things or hearing stories that are fascinating.

  1. RadioLab (30-60 minutes) – OK, this one is about natural science which I was hesitant about but it’s so neat. They talk about things like space in a way that’s exciting and easy to understand. FOR REAL! It’s very thought-provoking and they talk about topics I’d never think about on my own. They also take everyday functions that we don’t REALLY take time to think about (like how something works) and shed new light on them. I feel like I come out of these episodes with a million new facts to tell people about, whether they wanna hear or not.
  2. Serial (~60 minutes) – This is likely already on your radar since it’s pretty much a podcast phenomenon, but if it’s not, I’d get it! The first season was probably the most enticing story I’ve ever heard – it was about an old murder case and whether or not the kid convicted was guilty. The women who tells the stories is a great storyteller. It’s shocking, captivating, heartwarming – everything. If you want to pass the time quickly and get sucked into something, this is it. This has the best reviews of any podcast I checked out, by the way. I heard mixed reviews about season 2 but season 1 is a winner.
  3. BBC World News (~30 minutes) – Pretty self-explanatory but it’s not the boring local news you might be rolling your eyes at. It’s not only about the US current events, but they talk about everything going on in the world – straight, unbiased facts. It’s a great catch up if you don’t have cable – like me – and feel out of it. It’s excellent journalism, too.
  4. The Week in Virology with Vincent Racanielle (60-120 minutes) – This is another science-based podcast and so cool. He talks about viruses and deconstructs them in a way that blows my mind. It sounds boring but I promise it’s not. I like this one if I have a lot going on and just need an hour or two to take my mind off of life – it’s unique and refreshing.

Are all my learners excited about this theme? I don’t think it’s ever too late to learn, and filling your mind with new information is actually very good for it. We often get wrapped up in our lives that we forget there’s a whole world out there. Any other storytelling or educational podcasts I should add to my list?


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