Inspiration - June 4, 2013

Perfectionism is a dream killer

perfectionism is a dream killer

I came across this quote on the ever-so-inspiring Jess Lively’s wonderful blog and just couldn’t resist posting it here on brightontheday.

Over the past few years, I’ve slowly (but surely) been working towards first identifying, then understanding, and lastly dealing with any need to gain or have approval of others. Rather than finding my identity in things I’ve done or accomplished, positive affirmation, or other’s opinion of me, I’ve slowly been working towards redefining who I am and how I view myself. Specifically, I’ve been working towards finding my confidence, worth, and sense of self in more permanent truths, that aren’t dictated or determined by my actions or accomplishments. And this has been both a challenging and incredibly rewarding (and liberating!) adventure.

Even despite the progress I’ve made, though, in redefining how I value and view myself, I am still susceptible to falling into those “dream-killer” (as Mr. Mastin says) ways again. I think it’s only human nature to want to be and do our best in any and every way possible. But like anything in life, too much can be harmful; in this case, too much determination and desire to “be perfect” (at whatever it may be!) can most definitely work against us and hence be a “dream killer”! And so here lies the value in our ability to put things in perspective. It’s not only important to know why you want to achieve a certain goal, but to also understand and think through what it will specifically mean for you to accomplish it. What will the finish line look like? Or have you even figured out whether there actually is a finish line or not? Thinking through these questions and being aware of how you might answer them is crucial to healthy progress. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself running up a never-ending escalator towards an “illusion” or destination defined by matters entirely outside of your control.

Am I speaking too vaguely? Or are any of you with me here? If you can relate, please comment! I’d love to hear what you take from this quote and post!