Lifestyle - August 13, 2019

One Thing Making My Life Easier Right Now

If you’ve been following along for a while, you probably know this about me: I’m a lazy driven person. I don’t even know if LAZY is the right word – it’s probably not – but I like life to feel EASY. And I’m not someone who enjoys being on the go 24/7. Does that make sense? Like I will kill myself to make a project perfect, but I also know I need downtime and I’m not afraid to invest in services that give me more TIME. Because you can’t get time back but you can always make more money to pay for that time. I hope that makes sense!

The reason I’m even explaining that about myself is because I’m constantly looking for ways to be “lazier” or to make my life run more smoothly. I honestly think most of us are though, right? We live in such a go-go-go culture these days and our brains are ALWAYS on, it’s no wonder we’re the delivery service generation. And things like food delivery are cool and all, but what’s even cooler is when a company can go further than that. Enter: Favor Delivery.

If you are in Texas, Favor’s about to change your life. I’m not being dramatic friends! They are a delivery service – but they are so much more than your typical one. 1. They deliver in UNDER AN HOUR. No more waiting for food or something for two hours dying of hunger after a long day of work. and 2. THEY DELIVER EVERYTHINGGGG. Seriously. Like beer & wine – what!? If you’re thinking what how is that legal…don’t worry the Favor delivery person validates your ID in person when the delivery is made so it’s super legit!

Also they’ll grab stuff like coffee and tampons and clothes and cleaning supplies and pretty much whatever you need quickly – including food from SO many good Texas restaurants. True story, they once delivered allergy meds to me while I was at a wedding. I mean, how cool is that?! They’re even offering y’all FREE DELIVERY for an entire month if it’s your first time signing up (but TBH, their delivery fees in general are really reasonable so that’s why I use Favor over other delivery services). Y’all can sign up right here! I used Favor one night to order wine when I had a friend over and then literally the next night I used Favor to order in pizza for me & the boy’s date night!

I’m obviously not a mom yet, but I could see this being SO cool for families, too. I know I use them weekly with the boy for takeout date nights or for when I need something for a photoshoot or when I just CAN’T and need a night off, so I hope y’all find Favor as helpful as I do! Hope y’all are having a good week!